First batteries regeneration center in Khartoum

ECO TURBO goes green in Clermont Ferrand
20 May 2019
Inauguration India batteries regeneration centers
Inauguration with great happening for a new battery regeneration center in Visakhapatnam, INDIA.
13 September 2019

First batteries regeneration center in Khartoum

TONJUR BATTERIES REGENERATION was born in Khartoum, Sudan.

With a qualified electrical engineer level staff the new regeneration center BATTERY PLUS technology has all the assets to succeed.

It has a workshop with 6 powerful machines:
• 3 BRT Maxi Gold regenerator
• 1 BRT 10 regenerator
• 2 automatic dump benches
• 1 universal multi-voltage and multi-curve charger

The needs are enormous in terms of maintenance of industrial batteries in the country.

Indeed many industrialists, having fleets of electric carts or stationary batteries inverter, are left to themselves in the field of maintenance of their batteries.
In this difficult country, extreme weather conditions and supply difficulties, maintenance is a key point in the control of expenses and the smooth running of the activity.
TONJUR BATTERIES REGENERATION will therefore offer a curative or preventive regeneration service as part of maintenance contracts aimed at reducing OPEX.
Bottling plants, food-industry, pharmaceuticals, storage ... are all areas where the maintenance of industrial batteries is a key point of the smooth running of the systems.
Of course the telecom sector is a very big market given the quantities involved in stationary batteries in the BTS and other data centers.
An official presentation was a great success with more than 40 participants among the country's decision-makers.
In these troubled times of popular revolution in this great country I wish a great success to all the team of TONJUR BATTERIES REGENERATION.

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