Regeneration of the Côte d’Azur Observatory’s batteries

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Regeneration of the Côte d’Azur Observatory’s batteries

Regeneration Batteries Observatoire Cote d'Azur

Created in 1881 by Raphaël Bischoffsheim, the Côte d'Azur observatory carries out scientific activities in the fields of planetology, astronomy and cosmology. Located in Nice, on Mont Gros, this observatory has participated in the development of several astronomical instruments such as the Atronomical Multi Beam Combiner (AMBER). Although it is better known as a tourist site today, the observatory is still in operation.

Investing in battery regeneration: a strategic choice for the OCA

Since its installation in Nice, the OCA has improved the results of several astrological projects. However, the observatory's work has for several years been concentrated on measuring and calculating the trajectories of space probes and planets (the moon in particular). OCA astronomers therefore use various pieces of equipment, including an atomic clock and a telescope.

Since the observatory has recently specialised in calculations, it must remain in an environment without any disturbance to the performance of the atomic clock. Thus, failing to use the ENEDIS electricity network, which tends to alter the results of calculations because of the noise it emits, the OCA preferred to install 104 stationary batteries to supply the site with electricity..

Having been in operation for several years, these batteries are becoming less and less efficient and needed to be changed. However, a project to replace them with new batteries would have cost the observatory an enormous amount of money. The management therefore opted for the most practical solution: reconditioning..

Thus, the OCA called on our structure for a diagnosis. The results were encouraging since all the batteries could be regenerated. Thanks to BeEnergy's regeneration technology, the equipment at the Côte d'Azur Observatory has resumed functioning perfectly.

An advantageous solution from an ecological and financial point of view

The benefits of repackaging for the institution are considerable. The first is of course financial. Indeed, battery regeneration costs 70 times less than the purchase of new equipment. However, reconstituted batteries offer the same performance as newly purchased equipment. The BRT Maxi Gold Regenerator that we use has the advantage of being much more efficient than the conventional regenerators available on the market. It allows to improve the battery recharging time. This has made the teams at the Nice site more productive.

Thus, in addition to making significant savings, the OCA now has a high-performance and durable electrical installation. The stress of repeated power outages is now a distant memory.

The other major advantage of the reconditioning is the preservation of the ecology. Instead of investing in the purchase of new equipment, the Côte d'Azur Observatory has chosen reconditioning in order to participate in the reduction of harmful waste emitted into the environment. This decision is not insignificant since, outside of their work, astronauts are among those who know best the changes that pollution causes on our planet.

Note that it is the duty of all citizens to adopt an eco-responsible attitude and to choose solutions such as reconditioning batteries to protect the environment.