Battery regenerator : main lines

Battery Regenerator
As an efficient and responsible company, you want to:

• Extend the life of your batteries
• Restore their original capacities to your sulphated batteries
• Maximize the capacity of your batteries
• Make your battery fleet more profitable
• Reduce your power consumption
• Optimize your productivity
• Limiting your waste while remaining in compliance with regulations and respecting the environment

Battery Plus: the answer to your battery regeneration

Life and death of a battery in a few words

A lead-acid battery consists of sponge lead plates and lead dioxide which are bathed in sulfuric acid diluted with demineralized water. When the battery is discharged, some of these plates are converted into lead sulphate and sulfuric acid decreases in density. The charge of the battery makes it possible to retransform the sulphate of lead into sulfuric acid and to reconstitute the plates. Over time, lead sulphate tends to crystallize and become embedded in the pores of the battery plates, forming solid islands which prevent its re-dilution in sulfuric acid. As the charge and discharge cycles continue, the battery becomes "sulphated" and degrades. The progression of the crystalline ramifications generates in the long-term internal pressures that irreparably erupt the plates.
Like lead sulphate, plate oxidation and the age of the battery are two other degradation factors that alter the capacity of the batteries.

What is the battery regeneration process?

The method of battery regeneration consists in sending controlled high power pulses which gradually break the gangue formed by the lead sulphate. The latter, as a result, will again electrolyze to sulfuric acid to reconstitute the plates of the battery. The benefits of battery regeneration are multiple. Essentially, this process restores their original capacity to your old sulphated batteries which hold no longer the charge. A process much cheaper than buying new batteries, and it is a positive environmental action because battery regeneration produces less waste compared to replace a new one.
All types of batteries can be restored, thanks to the equipment offered by Battery Plus: Open lead, gel or AGM…

Battery Regenerator : The priciples steps of battery regeneration

1. The first step consists of a series of tests on the electrolyte and the initial voltages, followed by the leveling of the cells of the batteries. It should be known that every sulphated battery can be regenerated! Only mechanical damage is a limit to the process.
2. The second step is the regeneration of the batteries, in an ergonomic and compact workshop. This regeneration is done through a completely secure connection and an easy-to-use programmer. The temperature and voltage of the battery are controlled by the regenerator throughout the process.
3. The third stage is in the form of qualification tests, in particular thanks to a standardized discharge bench which guarantees the good capacity of the battery after treatment.

At the end of the regeneration process, the battery regains its original capacities .

The benefits of battery regeneration with Battery Plus: facts and figures:

• The electrical capacity of a new battery is 100%. Over time, it decreases: it is about 70% after 2 to 3 years and decreases to 45% after 4 to 5 years. A regenerated battery with Battery Plus is 95%!
• The charge time of a battery increases with age. Thus, a battery of 4 to 5 years will take up to 40% more time to recharge. The charge time of a regerarated battery with Battery Plus is almost same to that of a new battery!
• The power consumption per charging cycle of a battery regenerated with Battery Plus is significantly lower than that of a normal battery. The regeneration of a regenerated battery with Battery Plus costs less than 5 € in electricity!
After being regenerated with Battery Plus, the batteries run at full power, just like a new battery.

Choosing Battery Plus: Unmatched Quality and Performance

The tests are formal: BRT Maxi Regenerators provide 4 to 60 times more performance than the most advanced generators on the market! The BRT Maxi eliminates the lead sulphate crystals that form on the surface and depth of the electrodes of the batteries, thus restoring their original performance. Performance guaranteed and validated since 1998 by LINDE in Denmark and by the Central Laboratory of the Electrical Industry (LCIE - Bureau Veritas).

Click here to read the LCIE Bureau Veritas test report.

The Battery Plus technology relies on a very high intensity wave train with a low frequency. The electric wave then transforms into mechanical shock in the crystal chain which has the greatest electrical resistance of the system. The crystalline chain will resonate, deform and eventually burst to finally release active molecules previously blocked in solid form. The great chemical balances of origins are then found, as well as the performances of the battery.

Battery Regenerator benefits to Your Business: Savings and Productivity

• Battery Regenerator reduce your power consumption
After three or four years of life, a battery operates below its optimum level and no longer holds the charge. The regeneration by the BRT Maxi makes it possible to restore its original capacities. Used for maintenance, BRT promotes balanced voltage-density of the cells of the battery, thus preserving the electrical components of your devices and reducing the risk of failure.

• Battery Regenerator increase productivity with reduced charging time
The BRT Maxi regenerator allows your batteries to charge much faster, allowing each battery to restore its full capacity. This ensures that you do not waste time changing batteries before and after workstations and allow your equipment to be productive at all times.

You rent or own fork lift : do the calculations !

Do you rent your fork lift ? How much will you save using Battery Plus regenerators?Click here to do the calculation.

Battery Plus: A complete range of Battery Regenerator that meets your needs

• Traction batteries
• Stationary batteries
• Starting batteries
• AGM Batteries
• Batteries Gel
• Open lead batteries

Our services:
• Battery maintenance and repair
• Reconditioning and regeneration of batteries
• Battery management and maintenance
• Sale of new fork lift batteries
• Sale of accessories and battery chargers
• Sale and rental of regenerators and discharge benches

Whatever the type and number of batteries in your fleet, Batterie Plus offers you an economical, high-performance and unmatched solution, thanks to a range that meets all your needs.

Our range of BRT battery regenerators © Batterie Plus

Our battery regenerators are built in France and meet international performance and safety standards. The programming of the devices is simple, automatic, and associated with multiple sensors (voltage, temperature, amperage, short-circuit analysis, impedance ...).

The Batterie Plus, battery regenerators accompany the biggest names of the French and international industry.

Type  Pics and images  Use Client profile Battery
Software IN /Out put
BRT Maxi 120 Traction
All electric range of forklift

Serial batteries up to 120 Volts

Up to 2500Ah
Forklift maintenance and servicing companies 8 to 16 monthly 100 to 200 yearly 11 automatic pgms
11 automatic pgms with dedicated pgms for all forklift models.
In 400v tri, Out 120v /400A
BRT Maxi UPS Stationnary , UPS
Sealed acid, gel and AGM
Mono cell pack 120 Volts

Up to 2500Ah
Telecom network operator and owner 4 packs 48v / jour, 10 000 cells/yealy 14 automatic pgms• Gel and AGM : 3 prog sealed bat, 3 prog multi cells
• Lab* : 2 sealed pgms, 3 multi cells pgms • Battery stimulation • Slow charge • Fast charge
In 400v Tri, Out 120v/400A
BRT Maxi Gold Global Starting, traction and ups batteries.

Up to 120v
Up to 2 500Ah
Global maintenance facilities, regeneration center operators Starting bat 60u daily
Traction 80 to 200u yearly
UPS 4 packs 48v daily
UPS 10000 cells yearly
26 automatic pgms
• 26 automatic pgms •11 pgms fr BRT medium •11 pgms from BRT UPS (6 gel-agm and 5 lab*) • 4 pgms fr BRT start
Capacity for manual settings by operator.
In 400v tri, Out 120v/400A

Package deals BRT©

Model Presentation Item Use
Pack Premium BRT Maxi 120 BRT medium + Free discharger analyzer Forklift maintenance and servicing companies
Pack servicing companies BRT Maxi GOLD, BRT Maxi GOLD + Free discharger analyzer Regeneration center
Pack Full Service BRT Maxi GOLD, BRT Maxi GOLD + Free discharger analyzer + tooling pack Regeneration center full service

Zoom on the BRT10: the latest new born among the Battery Plus regenerators!

The BRT10 is today the most multi purpose regenerator on the market.

Designed in collaboration with BeEnergy, the BRT10 battery regenerator meets the most various needs. It is used in particular for all types of monobloc battery.

Some examples of use:
• Motorcycle, car, truck, boat, public works vehicle, etc.
• Batteries for golf cart • Batteries for washing machines
• Small stationary batteries

The battery regenerator BRT10 allows you to regenerate up to 4 batteries of 12V per day!