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• Efficient • Economic profit • Eco-Friendly

batteries regenerator

A range of regenerators for all types of batteries:
start ups and stationary

Starter batteries bike / car / truck / boat / construction machinery Batteries…
golf carts washers batteries... stationary batteries… traction batteries...
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15 years of experience

We prepare and innovate battery regenerators since 15 years. Our experience is the guarantee of a reliable and efficient process.

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Battery regeneration, the main lines

As a successful and responsible company, you want to:
• Extend the life of your batteries
• Restore their original capacities to your sulphated batteries
• Maximize the capacity of your batteries
• Profitability of your batteries
• Reduce your power consumption
• Optimize your productivity
• Limit your waste while remaining in compliance with regulations and respecting the environment

Battery Plus: the answer to your needs in battery regeneration

The answers to your questions

Preserving the environment

Our range of regenerators is part of an eco-commitment approach.
The life and battery performance are increased. Battery regeneration : greater profitability in a cleaner world.
View range regenerators, discharge benches and accessories.

Discover Oil Regeneration
A cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution

Do not throw away your oils to regenerate them! The regeneration of oils: a new profession!

Regeneration takes place on both engine oils (diesel or gasoline) as well as hydraulic oils and dielectric oils. Save money while massively reducing your waste.
Our range of regenerators makes it possible to invent new local businesses whose services offer an economical alternative solution while massively reducing waste.
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22 August 2017

HEXAGON BATTERY REGENERATION and Batterie Plus prove themselves at MASDAR City

Masdar City (in Arabic: مصدر, meaning the source) is a new city and green city of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, under construction since February 2008. Masdar project, a subdivision of Mubadala Development Company[…]
17 July 2017

BDRC – Battery Plus Winners of the Minister’s Award for Environmental Excellence in Ontario

Ontario is recognizing the outstanding efforts of local champions doing their part to protect the environment and helping Ontario achieve its commitment to transition to a […]
18 May 2017

BRT Maxi Gold and BRT10 Regenerators in India

India is one of the biggest global markets in most industries and the batteries are not immune to this. With a failing electrical network in most […]
18 May 2017

Battery regeneration: a complete service

When a user is faced with a battery problem he must find a reliable and fast response to ensure the operational maintenance of his production. The […]
9 May 2017

The BRT10 battery regenerator the right tool for automotive garages

The car garage RST Performance in the Var department (South of France) has just equipped itself with a regenerator of battery BRT10 to offer an economic […]
5 May 2017

The BRT Maxi Gold battery regenerator confronts snow and ice to reach peaks.

The beginning of the year was marked by two significant and conclusive tests on traction batteries in Slovenia and on stationary batteries with high capacity in […]
9 December 2016

Regenerate a regenerated battery it’s possible!

Since all these years of success the regeneration of the batteries by the regenerators BRT Maxi Gold of Battery Plus does not give way. Better! The […]
30 August 2016

New batteries regeneration center in Toronto

Everyone knows that the battery recycling market is huge. An industry giant in TORONTO (Ontario – Canada) decided to propose to the regeneration of the batteries […]
30 August 2016

Batteries regenerators: Wholesale market in Tanzania

The batteries regeneration center of Dar Es Salam is equipped with a new BRT Maxi Gold to cope with the volume of batteries to treat. As […]