Battery Plus : regenerators for batteries regeneration
Battery Regenerators for; Traction, Stationary, Starting Batteries

• Efficient • Economic profit • Eco-Friendly

A range of regenerators for all types of batteries:
start ups and stationary

Starter batteries bike / car / truck / boat / construction machinery Batteries…
golf carts washers batteries... stationary batteries… traction batteries...
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Technology in more than 40 countries

We prepare and innovate battery regenerators since 15 years. Our experience is the guarantee of a reliable and efficient process.

Battery regeneration, the main lines

As a successful and responsible company, you want to:
• Extend the life of your batteries
• Restore their original capacities to your sulphated batteries
• Maximize the capacity of your batteries
• Profitability of your batteries
• Reduce your power consumption
• Optimize your productivity
• Limit your waste while remaining in compliance with regulations and respecting the environment

Battery Plus: the answer to your needs in battery regeneration

The answers to your questions

Preserving the environment

Our range of regenerators is part of an eco-commitment approach.
The life and battery performance are increased. Battery regeneration : greater profitability in a cleaner world.
View range regenerators, discharge benches and accessories.

Discover Oil Regeneration
A cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution

Do not throw away your oils to regenerate them! The regeneration of oils: a new profession!

Regeneration takes place on both engine oils (diesel or gasoline) as well as hydraulic oils and dielectric oils. Save money while massively reducing your waste.
Our range of regenerators makes it possible to invent new local businesses whose services offer an economical alternative solution while massively reducing waste.
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The most robust
and efficient regenerators on the market

Batterie Plus regenerators are known for their robustness and performance that exceed those of existing models on the market today. More powerful, they offer deeper processing for maximum productivity and a better return on investment.

The use of lead-acid batteries extends to all sectors of activity, from industry to automotive and railway sectors, as well as in installations and networks requiring access to electrical energy in the event of a power failure (telecoms, hospitals, banks). At the heart of electricity production systems in isolated, unconnected sites, they meet the storage and redistribution needs of companies, day and night.
• What is the operating principle of a lead-acid battery?
• What is a sulphated battery?
• What is battery regeneration?

Batterie Plus explains the battery regeneration process

Batterie Plus sells devices that can regenerate all batteries:

• Starter batteries
• Slow-discharge batteries (known as "traction batteries")
• Stationary batteries
•Nickel technology batteries

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17 May 2024

Be Energy inaugurates its new site in Martinique

In January 2024, Be Energy opened the doors to its new centre, Martinique Batteries Services, in the Champigny industrial estate near Ducos in Fort-de-France. This initiative marks a significant step forward in the company's efforts to contribute to decarbonisation in Martinique…
16 May 2024

Be Energy and OptimisT: a joint initiative for a sustainable and inclusive future

he collaboration between Be Energy and OptimisT marks a significant step forward in the professional sector. It demonstrates an effective synergy between technological progress and social integration. This alliance, which brings together a company specialising in the regeneration of batteries and oils…
24 April 2024

PTS 800, a safer workstation for operating on lithium batteries

Lithium batteries, essential to the advancement of digital technology and electric mobility, present significant safety risks. These risks affect both the operators who work directly on the batteries and the companies that use them. These include companies that specialise in the hire of scooters and electric bicycles, as well as everyday users of these forms of transport. The recent fire at SNAM's Viviez plant highlights…
24 April 2024

Be Energy honoured by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance at Paris Bercy

On 4 April, at the 15th National Forum of Eco-Enterprises held at the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty in Paris, Be Energy was awarded the Trophée de l'Éco-Entreprise Innovante in the " Waste and Circular Economy" category.
12 March 2024

Towards a new ecological era in Senegal with the FASEP initiative

15 February 2024 will go down in Senegal's history as a major turning point in the fight against environmental challenges, thanks to the launch of the FASEP project in Dakar. The initiative, spearheaded by Be Energy, a French company pioneering regeneration technologies, was honoured at a symbolic ceremony…