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A range of regenerators for all types of batteries:
start ups and stationary

Starter batteries bike / car / truck / boat / construction machinery Batteries…
golf carts washers batteries... stationary batteries… traction batteries...
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Technology in more than 40 countries

We prepare and innovate battery regenerators since 15 years. Our experience is the guarantee of a reliable and efficient process.


Battery regeneration, the main lines

As a successful and responsible company, you want to:
• Extend the life of your batteries
• Restore their original capacities to your sulphated batteries
• Maximize the capacity of your batteries
• Profitability of your batteries
• Reduce your power consumption
• Optimize your productivity
• Limit your waste while remaining in compliance with regulations and respecting the environment

Battery Plus: the answer to your needs in battery regeneration

The answers to your questions

Preserving the environment

Our range of regenerators is part of an eco-commitment approach.
The life and battery performance are increased. Battery regeneration : greater profitability in a cleaner world.
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Discover Oil Regeneration
A cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution

Do not throw away your oils to regenerate them! The regeneration of oils: a new profession!

Regeneration takes place on both engine oils (diesel or gasoline) as well as hydraulic oils and dielectric oils. Save money while massively reducing your waste.
Our range of regenerators makes it possible to invent new local businesses whose services offer an economical alternative solution while massively reducing waste.
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The most robust
and efficient regenerators on the market

Batterie Plus regenerators are known for their robustness and performance that exceed those of existing models on the market today. More powerful, they offer deeper processing for maximum productivity and a better return on investment.

The use of lead-acid batteries extends to all sectors of activity, from industry to automotive and railway sectors, as well as in installations and networks requiring access to electrical energy in the event of a power failure (telecoms, hospitals, banks). At the heart of electricity production systems in isolated, unconnected sites, they meet the storage and redistribution needs of companies, day and night.
• What is the operating principle of a lead-acid battery?
• What is a sulphated battery?
• What is battery regeneration?

Batterie Plus explains the battery regeneration process

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Batterie Plus sells devices that can regenerate all batteries:

• Starter batteries
• Slow-discharge batteries (known as "traction batteries")
• Stationary batteries
•Nickel technology batteries

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13 September 2019
Inauguration India batteries regeneration centers

Inauguration with great happening for a new battery regeneration center in Visakhapatnam, INDIA.

Visakhapatnam ou « VIZAG » est la capitale économique de l’état de l’Andhra Pradesh, et constitue une agglomération de 5 millions d’habitants. C’est une ville industrielle très active et elle constitue le principal port industriel indien du golfe du Bengale. Elle est également une base navale très importante pour l’armée indienne. De larges zones industrielles accueillent des raffineries ainsi qu’une des plus importante aciérie du pays (VIZAG STEEL -compagnie nationale indienne) C’est dans cette dernière qu’une conférence sur la régénération a été donnée auprès des différents cadres de l’entreprises tous concernés par l’amélioration des durées de vie de leurs batteries.
20 May 2019

First batteries regeneration center in Khartoum

TONJUR BATTERIES REGENERATION was born in Khartoum, Sudan. With a qualified electrical engineer level staff the new regeneration center BATTERY PLUS technology has all the assets to succeed…
20 May 2019

ECO TURBO goes green in Clermont Ferrand

ECO TURBO is fighting a battle against planned obsolescence and increased consumption of expensive fuel thanks to the solutions they have developed in their workshops. They make advanced diagnoses, they refurbish particulate filters (DPF) by deep cleaning, they convert gasoline vehicles to ethanol E85…
20 May 2019

A battery regeneration center in the city of Cyrano!

It is in Bergerac that AQUITAINE REGENERATION starts its activity of regeneration of batteries and regeneration of oils. With a complete BATTERY PLUS workshop, including a BRT Maxi Gold regenerator and a discharge bench and more than 70 accessories and measuring devices…
27 March 2019

Two BRT Maxi Gold battery regenerators in Istanbul

This time it is a large WEEE recycling company in Turkey, AKADEMI CEVRE, leader in its market that has invested in two BRT Maxi gold battery regenerators. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE, D3E or PEEFV - Waste Electrical and Electrical Equipment WEEE) is a category of waste consisting of end-of-life equipment that operates at the end of its life. electricity or via electromagnetic fields, as well as equipment…
21 December 2018

A new battery regeneration center in western Algeria

It is in Mostaganem, in western Algeria that the 3rd ALGERIE Battery Plus regeneration center is born. FREE ENERGY led by Ladjel offers a complete service of regeneration of batteries…
21 December 2018


The regeneration center of ABU DHABI is in full growth and continues to develop successfully. After initial positioning on the traction battery market, HEXAGON / BATTERIE PLUS quickly became the most efficient and economical solution despite a strong competitive environment…
19 December 2018

A new BRT Maxi gold workshop in place at Bordj Bou Arreridj “BBA” in ALGERIA

Zakaria and Amine are the first in eastern Algeria to open a battery regeneration center. Bordj Bou Arreridj said “BBA” is a very dynamic and nationally known area for its major players in electronics and home appliances…
19 December 2018

A new battery regeneration center at HYDERABAD in INDIA.

For more than a year, a new BATTERY PLUS technology regeneration center has been operating in HYDERABAD, INDIA. A 750m² building entirely dedicated was built for this new regeneration center…