Be Energy inaugurates its new site in Martinique

e Energy OptimisT emploi écologie
Be Energy and OptimisT: a joint initiative for a sustainable and inclusive future
16 May 2024
e Energy OptimisT emploi écologie
Be Energy and OptimisT: a joint initiative for a sustainable and inclusive future
16 May 2024

Be Energy inaugurates its new site in Martinique

Technical training run by Be Energy.

In January 2024, Be Energy opened the doors to its new centre, Martinique Batteries Services, in the Champigny industrial estate near Ducos in Fort-de-France. This initiative marks a significant step forward in the company's efforts to contribute to decarbonisation in Martinique.


An innovative centre under the direction of Alex Rosette

Much more than a battery regeneration centre, Martinique Batteries Services is a promise of environmental innovation. Under the leadership of Alex Rosette, the centre adopts and adapts Be Energy's cutting-edge technologies to meet the region's specific environmental challenges, in line with other islands with similar problems.


State-of-the-art equipment and technologies

The site is equipped with advanced technologies, including four BRT MaxiGold units, the most efficient lead-acid battery regenerators on the market. These technologies serve a wide range of applications, from materials handling equipment to renewable energy storage and telecommunications systems.


Fast services and accurate diagnostics

The Martinique Batteries Services centre is equipped with the Quick Tester Kiosk (QTK), capable of carrying out seven tests on starter batteries in just seven seconds, guaranteeing efficiency and reliability. For more advanced analyses, the centre also has two discharge benches and a portable BRT 10 unit, ensuring high-precision maintenance.


A commitment to environmental sustainability

In addition to battery regeneration, the new centre embodies Be Energy's commitment to a sustainable future. Through its practices, Alex Rosette's team is helping to reduce the local carbon footprint, minimising hazardous waste and promoting the reuse of materials.


Who can benefit from battery regeneration in Martinique?

Martinique Batteries Services offers services to a wide range of sectors, including :

  • Airports

  • Maritime transport

  • industry

  • Urban logistics

  • Supply chain

  • Carriers

  • Public works

  • Etc.

The centre near Fort-de-France regenerates lead-acid and NiCad batteries used in various industrial applications, with the aim of restoring the original performance of used batteries, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and industrial waste.


Martinique: a land of challenges and opportunities

As well as coping with the impact of climate change, Martinique faces specific challenges in terms of waste management and environmental protection. Despite a committed policy, local initiatives are often hampered by natural and economic challenges, such as the risk of natural disasters, complex topography and a tight labour market.

The Be Energy centre in Martinique aims to be a driving force for sustainable change, aligning technological innovation with local economic needs. With a dedicated and skilled team, Martinique Batteries Services is ready to play an active role in the environmental landscape of the French West Indies.