Quick Tester Kiosk makes it possible to check if a battery is regenerable

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Quick Tester Kiosk makes it possible to check if a battery is regenerable

Borne Test Batteries

Due to their structure, starter batteries are more fragile than stationary or traction batteries. Indeed, only approximately 30-40% of used starter batteries can be regenerated. When it comes to determining which batteries can be regenerated and which will not benefit from the regeneration process, for whatever reason, Be Energy has introduced the QTK (Quick Tester Kiosk). Fast, reliable and space-saving, this test kiosk makes it possible to check, in just a few seconds, whether a battery is regenerable or not.

How does the QTK work?

Each starter battery is tested to determine whether it can be regenerated or not:
1. The battery to be tested is placed on the terminal;
2. The poles of the testing device are connected to the battery;
3. Qualification starts on the QTK test terminal (7 seconds);
4. The result is immediate:
a. The battery is regenerable
b. The battery cannot be regenerated
5. A barcode printout is automatically printed for affixing to the battery under test

The advantages of the QTK test terminal

The advantages of using the QTK test terminal, regardless of the number of batteries used, are numerous:
- Thanks to this terminal, the operator no longer wastes time regenerating a battery that can no longer be regenerated; in a few seconds, usable and unusable batteries are listed by the terminal and then labelled;
- The test device offers an excellent degree of reliability, with over 95% certainty that a battery that passes the test can be regenerated;
- The mobile terminal can be used at battery collection sites to sort batteries on site, thus avoiding the transport of batteries that have become unusable.
Fast, economical, minimizing transport and costs, environmentally friendly: the QTK (Quick Tester Kiosk) is the solution for battery regeneration. For more information, contact Be Energy.

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