REGENSUN: solar carport on regenerated batteries – autonomous charging 100% off-grid and 100% green

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REGENSUN: solar carport on regenerated batteries – autonomous charging 100% off-grid and 100% green

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All-electricity is on the march... and on everyone's lips. To meet the market’s requirements, Be Energy is innovating and developing solutions to support new users of electric vehicles. Focus on Regensun, a 100% off-grid autonomous charging system.

Electrification of cars: an increasingly important need

With the growing number of electric vehicles, the subject of EV charging is becoming increasingly important. In France, as well as in Europe and throughout the world, everyone is working to deploy new charging stations. New charging stations are being installed everywhere : in hotels, campsites, car parks, etc.
The need to charge electric vehicles is omnipresent. It is by connecting this need with environmental issues that Be Energy has imagined a new autonomous charging system that is modular, easy to install and 100% off-grid (i.e. electrified from autonomous production systems that are not connected to the electricity network)!

REGENSUN, the solar-powered charging solution for electric vehicles

The REGENSUN solar carport is a self-supporting unit, thanks to the gabions at the front and the battery pack at the back. This carport is extremely simple to install and to use. No foundations are required: place the REGENSUN solar carport exactly where you want to charge your electric vehicle, without any constraints.

The REGENSUN solar carport does not require any trenches either. It is based on a simple operation: the solar panels on the roof of the carport charge the batteries during the day. In turn, the batteries charge the electric vehicle at night, when it is plugged in. With the REGENSUN solar carport, Be Energy, a specialist in the regeneration of batteries, oils and engines, is taking its know-how one step further. Indeed, the regenerated batteries installed on the solar carport come from the world of handling. After 6 years of good and loyal service, they were no longer fulfilling their role and, thanks to the Be Energy solution, have been given a second life. The Be Energy battery regeneration technology has enabled the recovery of more than 90% of the batteries' capacity, which allows them to be used in a stationary position for energy storage on the solar carport.


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The Be Energy solution in video

Regensun 100%elec off-grid
Regensun 100%elec off-grid
Regensun Tesla off-grid
Regensun 100%elec off-grid