‘Be Energy – Winner of the ‘Grand Prix Export Stars & Métiers’ BPMED

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‘Be Energy – Winner of the ‘Grand Prix Export Stars & Métiers’ BPMED

Lauréat Stars et Métiers

The ‘Stars & Métiers’ Prize 2021’ is organised by the Chambers of Industry and the Banque Populaire network.
It seeks to award and promote excellence and innovation in local industry and it is in the category of ‘Grand Prix Exportateur’ that Be Energy has been recognised in 2021 – a category which rewards the ability of the company to develop at international level.

What is the ‘Stars & Métiers BPMED’ Prize ?

The national ‘Stars & Métiers’ Prize exists since 2007. It is organised in close collaboration between the network of Banques Populaires and that of the Chambers of Industry. Its main objective is simple : the encouragement of excellence, enterprise and innovation. It also serves to spotlight heads of industry who have a real passion for their work.
The Banques Populaires taking part in the Prize mark their involvement by participating in the evolution of local industry. A third of all artisans are clients of the Banque Populaire.
The Chambers of Industry, for their part, act as privileged partners to the artisans throughout their business career. Their goal is to ensure the long-term activity of their members, optimising their competitivity and development.

The ‘Grand Prix Export 2021’ is awarded to Be Energy, constructor of battery regenerators.

After several years’ research into building site waste, asbestos, composting and sewage plant muds, Bertrand Coste launched Be Energy in 2014. This innovative, Avignon-based company specialises in regeneration. Battery regeneration is the principal activity of Bertrand Coste’s business, which is also advancing within the fields of oil and motor regeneration.
Be Energy is a constructor of battery regenerators, notably industrial batteries used in telecommunications. Africa, with its electrical supply and stability problems, is a key market. Major telecom operators all use back-up systems powered by very large batteries.
Be Energy also regenerates traction batteries, used in particular in supply chain situations.
Be Energy is a French company, heavily export oriented and proposing solutions to various situations including ready-made workshops for battery regeneration.
Today, Be Energy supplies service providers in some 40 countries worldwide, in particular within developing countries. It is in these that the greatest needs exist, particularly with regard to stationary batteries. On the African continent alone, Be Energy supplies 17 countries and these African service providers offer battery regeneration to telecoms operators.
Be Energy is the only French builder of battery regenerators. Outside of France, similar equipment is Korean- or American-built and Be Energy’s share of the business can be qualified as a truly specialised market.

Winning the ‘Grand Prix Export Stars & Métiers BPMED’ is an further opportunity for Be Energy to show off its know-how and involvement in the regeneration of batteries, oils and motors on behalf of domestic and overseas companies and, above all, the environment.

‘Be Energy – Winner of the ‘Grand Prix Export Stars & Métiers’ BPMED