13 September 2023
Battery Regeneration Senegal

Be Energy Senegal celebrates its first anniversary: a promising year

The synergy between Be Energy Senegal and its French parent company is also worth highlighting. Be Energy France has played, and continues to play, a key role in the training of Senegalese technicians…
13 September 2023

Be Energy inaugurates its first subsidiary in Western Switzerland

In the first quarter of 2023, Be Energy reached a new milestone with the inauguration of its subsidiary in Switzerland, located in the FLASA ecopole…
18 July 2023

Be Energy, certified to issue carbon credits on the voluntary market

En décembre 2022, Be Energy a obtenu la certification lui permettant d’émettre des crédits carbone sur le marché volontaire. Une grande fierté pour l’entreprise du sud de la France…
13 July 2023
Be Energy India

Be Energy India: battery regeneration solutions exported to India

In Hyderabad, a major centre of industry and technology in India, Be Energy India marks the start of the expansion of the French company Be Energy in India. The programme includes the development of dedicated battery regeneration centres in India…
13 December 2022
beenergy south morocco

Be Energy in the South of Morocco… let’s go!

SUD LEADER ENERGIE the Be Energy joint venture in southern Morocco has just opened two battery regeneration centers in Agadir and Marrakech…
24 May 2022
Régénération batteries préventive

Preventive battery regeneration… Prevention is better than cure!

This is the reflection that is being put in place within the SAMSE group. This historical customer that we have been accompanying for more than 10 years and for whom we intervene regularly on many sites of the ¼ South East…
26 April 2022
Battery Africa

In Africa, a solution for regenerating solar panel batteries

When he completed his professional degree in mechanical and energy engineering at the Lokossa University in Benin in 2012, Habib Lodonou never imagined the extent to which his ideas and courage would grow…
9 February 2022
Borne Test Batteries

Quick Tester Kiosk makes it possible to check if a battery is regenerable

Due to their structure, starter batteries are more fragile than stationary or traction batteries. Indeed, only approximately 30-40% of used starter batteries can be regenerated. When it comes to determining which batteries can be regenerated and which…
2 February 2022
Regensun Tesla

REGENSUN: solar carport on regenerated batteries – autonomous charging 100% off-grid and 100% green

All-electricity is on the march... and on everyone's lips. To meet the market’s requirements, Be Energy is innovating and developing solutions to support new users of electric vehicles. Focus on Regensun, a 100% off-grid autonomous charging system…
13 December 2021
Lauréat Stars et Métiers

‘Be Energy – Winner of the ‘Grand Prix Export Stars & Métiers’ BPMED

Le prix Stars & Métiers 2021 est organisé par les chambres de métiers et de l’artisanat et les Banques Populaires. Il vise à récompenser et promouvoir l’excellence et l’innovation dans l’artisanat. C’est dans la catégorie « Grand Prix Exportateur » que Be Energy s’illustre en 2021. Une catégorie qui récompense la capacité de l’entreprise à se développer à l’international.
6 December 2021
New battery regeneration centre on Reunion Island

New battery regeneration centre on Reunion Island

Near Saint-Denis, on Reunion island, a new battery regeneration centre has just been opened. On this island of the Mascareignes archipelago, the dynamic economy offers great opportunities in terms of batteries. A new adventure begins...
29 October 2021
transition écologique

France Relance: Be Energy, a company committed to ecological transition, winner of the EETE project call (ADEME)

In the framework of the France Relance plan, the French Ministry of Environment and the ADEME launched a new call for project proposal, aiming to help small and medium-sized companies…
20 October 2021
regeneration engine oil and batteries Senegal

Launch of the FASEP project – Beginning of a battery and oil regeneration industry in Senegal

The meeting hosted on the 12th of October by the Senegal’s Ministry of Environment marked the official beginning of the FASEP (Fonds d’Etudes et d’Aide au Secteur Privé) project Be Energy – Regen System in Senegal.
8 October 2021
Concours I-Nov 2021

BE ENERGY, winner of the i-Nov 2021 competition under the “Circular Economy » theme

The winners of the 2021 edition of the i-Nov competition have been announced. Under the theme "Circular Economy", it is with great pride that BE ENERGY has been honoured. This award reflects BE ENERGY's commitment to local resilience and environmentally…
15 September 2021
Améliorer la maintenance des batteries

Every day the Be Energy team imagines and develops new tools to improve battery maintenance

Every day the Be Energy team imagines and develops new tools to improve battery maintenance. When a cell fails, we do not replace the whole battery. Moreover, battery vendors do not always offer this service…
8 July 2021
Batteries regeneration NiMH

Regeneration of a NiMH battery for Toyota Avignon

Thanks to Toyota Avignon and its team for the trust and this first joint operation. After 12 years on the road and more than 250,000km driven, their customer's Prius needed a battery replacement. A tired battery on this type of vehicle leads to excessive fuel consumption…
28 May 2021
Battery regeneration UBC Tchad

UBC (Univers Business CHAD) leader in battery regeneration in Chad

Installed for more than 2 years in Ndjamena, the UBC-BATTERIE PLUS battery regeneration center is very successful in the world of stationary batteries. In fact, the battery park is considerable for two reasons…
5 March 2021
Prestations de service régénération batteries

On-site intervention service with a swap battery

In any business, every day counts and every day time is ticked. You have the energy to hold on all day, so your equipment must do the same! And this is the key point where your batteries must make the difference, finally the batteries of your forklift, for the motivation of your operators, we trust you…
15 February 2021

3rd Battery Plus regeneration corner for SAIMLEASE!

Saimlease is a company specializing in the rental and maintenance of material handling equipment for over 50 years! Saimlease distributes prestigious brands like HYSTER, CLARK, DOOSAN, MITSUBISHI… and sells more than 3000 trolleys per year. Organized in 4 branches in France, SAIMLEASE has been regenerating its batteries since 2009 with Battery Plus equipment…
7 January 2021
Régénération Batteries Guyane

Batteries Regeneration in French Guyana is developing

Despite the health crisis, French Guyana is a relatively unspoiled territory. The economy has picked up and demands are growing steadily. SOLUTIS CENTER, the official partner of BE ENERGY in French Guyana, has been in place for 4 years and the machines are running smoothly despite extreme weather and corrosion conditions…
12 November 2020
Regen Academy battteries regenerator

REGEN ACADEMY is on the way!

Be Energy / Battery Plus sets up an E-Learning platform dedicated to battery regeneration with more than 50 tutorial videos. These videos will be organized according to 3 levels of route: • Level 1 / preparer: for placing in lines and various connections and measurements on the batteries before treatment • Level 2 / “battery keeper” regenerator: for operations of launching regeneration programs and other battery qualification and diagnostic operations…
1 October 2020
Regeneration Batteries Observatoire Cote d'Azur

Regeneration of the Côte d’Azur Observatory’s batteries

Created in 1881 by Raphaël Bischoffsheim, the Côte d'Azur observatory carries out scientific activities in the fields of planetology, astronomy and cosmology. Located in Nice, on Mont Gros, this observatory has participated in the development of several astronomical…
22 September 2020
Batteries regenerator R & D

BE ENERGY invested in new R&D programs on battery regeneration

Be Energy / Battery Plus is a leader in battery regeneration using lead and NiCad technologies. The only French manufacturer of battery regenerators, more than 400 machines have been sold in more than 52 countries around the world. With unparalleled experience, Batterie Plus has established…
18 September 2020
Régénération batterie économie Corée

GS Engineering Group in Korea adopts Battery Plus regeneration technology.

Korean EPC GS E&C saved US$2.5 million by regenerating dead industrial batteries on the recently completed Al Ruwais Refinery IRP2 pipeline project for ADNOC Distribution.
18 September 2020
Régénération de batterres al

The carbon footprint of battery regeneration finally measured!

For years we have known that battery regeneration is a leading economic alternative We also intuitively guessed that regeneration also represented an ecological alternative in terms of carbon footprint. Be Energy Batterie Plus can now quantify it! Be Energy called on a specialized firm ACTA Consult, licensed "Bilan Carbone 2020" and active member of the Professional Association of Carbon Consulting - APCC…
29 May 2020
Carrefour batteries regeneration regenerators

The CARREFOUR SUPPLYCHAIN ​​group invested in a Battery Plus regenerator

The Carrefour group has been using battery regeneration for years with several processes through service providers. Several of our centers are also regenerating Carrefour batteries everywhere, especially in the Middle East in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.
25 May 2020
New regenerators center batteries Avignon France

A new battery regeneration center in AVIGNON

As part of its headquarters move Be Energy is opening a new Battery Plus service center in Avignon. Located in the industrial area of ​​COURTINE this center is equipped with 3 regenerators including 2 BRT Maxi Gold regenerators and 1 BRT10…
18 May 2020
La régénération vecteur de résilience

Regeneration, a vector of resilience

It’s an observation that everyone can make after this Covid 19 health crisis: Nothing will be more truly as before! Some analysts even announce that it may be the end of neo-liberal capitalism as we know it and which has shaped the globalized society in which we have lived since the 1980s.
28 January 2020
Batteries regenerators winner of TOTAL REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Be Energy / Batterie Plus winner of TOTAL REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT

As part of the gala evening of the 40th anniversary of collaboration between TOTAL DEVELOPPEMENT and IRCE (Regional Institute of Business Managers) Be Energy was among the winners for its action in the area of ​​energy transition…
28 January 2020
Prix Initiative Terre de Vaucluse Battery Regeneration

BE ENERGY receives the Audacity Prize awarded by Initiative Terres de Vaucluse.

The end of the year 2019 ended in style with the presentation of the Audacity Prize during the great OSE ENTREPRENDRE trophy evening organized by Initiative Terres de Vaucluse. This is the distinction of the ambitious research and development program launched this year by Be Energy for the digital transition of its battery regeneration process…
18 November 2019

AGMC launches regeneration of batteries on medical equipment

The company Antilles Guyana Medical-Surgical (AGMC), in place since 1979 in the Caribbean, specializes in the supply and maintenance of medical equipment, is embarking on the regeneration of batteries in Martinique and Guadeloupe. Lead batteries are very present in medical equipment.
18 November 2019

SOS Battery Guadeloupe wins the ECO INNOVATIVE 2019 trophy!

The Guadeloupe company SOS Batterie, represented for 10 years by its founder, Mr. Géraud BONHEUR, has just been awarded with the ECO INNOVATIVE 2019 trophy presented by the CCI Guadeloupe in Pointe à Pitre. The regeneration of the batteries with the BRT Maxi Gold regenerator is finally paying off to become an economical alternative for end-users.
13 September 2019
Inauguration India batteries regeneration centers

Inauguration with great happening for a new battery regeneration center in Visakhapatnam, INDIA.

Visakhapatnam or "VIZAG" is the economic capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh, and constitutes an agglomeration of 5 million inhabitants. It is a very active industrial city and is the main Indian industrial port of the Bay of Bengal. It is also a very important naval base for the Indian Navy. Large industrial areas host refineries and one of the largest steel plant in the country (VIZAG STEEL - Indian national company)…
20 May 2019

ECO TURBO goes green in Clermont Ferrand

ECO TURBO is fighting a battle against planned obsolescence and increased consumption of expensive fuel thanks to the solutions they have developed in their workshops. They make advanced diagnoses, they refurbish particulate filters (DPF) by deep cleaning, they convert gasoline vehicles to ethanol E85…
20 May 2019

A battery regeneration center in the city of Cyrano!

It is in Bergerac that AQUITAINE REGENERATION starts its activity of regeneration of batteries and regeneration of oils. With a complete BATTERY PLUS workshop, including a BRT Maxi Gold regenerator and a discharge bench and more than 70 accessories and measuring devices…
27 March 2019

Two BRT Maxi Gold battery regenerators in Istanbul

This time it is a large WEEE recycling company in Turkey, AKADEMI CEVRE, leader in its market that has invested in two BRT Maxi gold battery regenerators. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE, D3E or PEEFV - Waste Electrical and Electrical Equipment WEEE) is a category of waste consisting of end-of-life equipment that operates at the end of its life. electricity or via electromagnetic fields, as well as equipment…
21 December 2018

A new battery regeneration center in western Algeria

It is in Mostaganem, in western Algeria that the 3rd ALGERIE Battery Plus regeneration center is born. FREE ENERGY led by Ladjel offers a complete service of regeneration of batteries…
21 December 2018


The regeneration center of ABU DHABI is in full growth and continues to develop successfully. After initial positioning on the traction battery market, HEXAGON / BATTERIE PLUS quickly became the most efficient and economical solution despite a strong competitive environment…
19 December 2018

A new BRT Maxi gold workshop in place at Bordj Bou Arreridj “BBA” in ALGERIA

Zakaria and Amine are the first in eastern Algeria to open a battery regeneration center. Bordj Bou Arreridj said “BBA” is a very dynamic and nationally known area for its major players in electronics and home appliances…
19 December 2018

A new battery regeneration center at HYDERABAD in INDIA.

For more than a year, a new BATTERY PLUS technology regeneration center has been operating in HYDERABAD, INDIA. A 750m² building entirely dedicated was built for this new regeneration center…
19 December 2018

The regeneration of solar street lamp batteries: a must in the environment

The LUMI'IN company, one of the French leader in the manufacture of solar street lamps, sets up the regeneration service for stationary solar batteries. Solar streetlights already represent an innovative and economical solution, because not only is it energy autonomous (light is free!) But also it requires no slicing for the…
6 July 2018

The BRT10 regenerator regenerates Toyota Prius NiMH batteries.

In collaboration with the Montpellier Battery Boost regeneration center, promising tests were carried out on Toyota Prius hybrid NiMh batteries. The battery regeneration technology Battery Plus has been effective for over 5 years on NiCd batteries…
14 March 2018

Mwaramutse BBRC!

Hello Burundi Battery Regeneration Center! in Kirundi. Here is a new battery regeneration center in Burundi! Located in the heart of Africa at the edge of Lake Tanganyika, Burundi is an earthly paradise where nature is exceptionally rich…
14 March 2018

Battery Plus CHAD is on track

It is in N'Djamena under a blazing sun that the Battery Plus TCHAD battery regeneration center opened recently. TChad has a very large float of batteries for starting vehicles and stationary battery backup systems…
28 February 2018

Big success of BRT10 at PRO GOLF INDUSTRY in TORONTO, Canada

It's a must-see event for the professional golf community in Canada, held annually in TORONTO, Ontario. The off-season is conducive to improving the maintenance and upkeep of equipment related to the golf industry. Futuristic lawnmowers, intelligent watering systems come together to continually improve the OPEX in the golf industry…
28 February 2018

A BRT10 regenerator in the heart of Saint Emilion vineyards.

Established since 2016 in Saint Emilion as well as in Bordeaux, the Tuk-Tour Events agency offers an atypical discovery of the region, thanks to electric tricycles, coming from Thailand. Fast your seat belt and let’s discover. It's a bit like the credo of Tuk-Tour Events, a company based in Saint-Émilion…
22 November 2017

The winning combination of Battery Plus: innovative products and an environmental approach

Founded about fifteen years ago, Battery Plus has made its way into the field of battery regeneration, successfully positioning itself with renowned customers around the world. Focus on the evolution of a French company that is moving forward…
21 November 2017

Second regeneration sessions on the Hyères Airport site

Regenerating twice is possible!
As illustrated many times in our news regenerate twice the batteries brings very good results.
It is the airport of Hyères in the Var, managed by VINCI Airport, which entrusts us the regeneration of the totality of its park for the second time!
31 October 2017

A new battery regeneration center in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, was the site for Battery Plus technology this month. A new distributor moves under the control of Hexagon Battery Regeneration in Abu Dhabi. The workshop is located in a historic industrial zone of Riyadh, this city in full change.…
22 August 2017

HEXAGON BATTERY REGENERATION and Batterie Plus prove themselves at MASDAR City

Masdar City (in Arabic: مصدر, meaning the source) is a new city and green city of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, under construction since February 2008. Masdar project, a subdivision of Mubadala Development Company[…]
17 July 2017

BDRC – Battery Plus Winners of the Minister’s Award for Environmental Excellence in Ontario

Ontario is recognizing the outstanding efforts of local champions doing their part to protect the environment and helping Ontario achieve its commitment to transition to a […]
18 May 2017

BRT Maxi Gold and BRT10 Regenerators in India

India is one of the biggest global markets in most industries and the batteries are not immune to this. With a failing electrical network in most […]
18 May 2017

Battery regeneration: a complete service

When a user is faced with a battery problem he must find a reliable and fast response to ensure the operational maintenance of his production. The […]
9 May 2017

The BRT10 battery regenerator the right tool for automotive garages

The car garage RST Performance in the Var department (South of France) has just equipped itself with a regenerator of battery BRT10 to offer an economic […]
5 May 2017

The BRT Maxi Gold battery regenerator confronts snow and ice to reach peaks.

The beginning of the year was marked by two significant and conclusive tests on traction batteries in Slovenia and on stationary batteries with high capacity in […]
9 December 2016

Regenerate a regenerated battery it’s possible!

Since all these years of success the regeneration of the batteries by the regenerators BRT Maxi Gold of Battery Plus does not give way. Better! The […]
30 August 2016

New batteries regeneration center in Toronto

Everyone knows that the battery recycling market is huge. An industry giant in TORONTO (Ontario – Canada) decided to propose to the regeneration of the batteries […]
30 August 2016

Batteries regenerators: Wholesale market in Tanzania

The batteries regeneration center of Dar Es Salam is equipped with a new BRT Maxi Gold to cope with the volume of batteries to treat. As […]
16 June 2016
Régénérateur de batteries de traction BRT10

The batteries regenerator BRT10 in boost mode

The batteries regenerator BRT10 in boost mode The batteries regenerator BRT10 is the latest model to the range of Batterie Plus regenerator. It is a single […]
2 June 2016
Maroc 360 batteries regenerates in 4 months

The Moroccan Batterie Plus workshop in full swing

The Moroccan Batterie Plus workshop in full swing This last quarter the Batterie Plus Workshop in Morocco is fully busy. After over a year of development […]
13 May 2016

Batterie Plus Technology winner of national contest of innovation 2016 TUNISIA!

Batterie Plus Technology winner of national contest of innovation 2016 TUNISIA! it’s one more time a prestigious price and an honor awarded to Batterie Plus through […]
10 May 2016
LekimBatt batteries regenerator

Lekimbatt: “Regeneration 2.0” program starts in Spain!

Lekimbatt: “Regeneration 2.0” program starts in Spain! The LEKIMBATT company located in the Basque country is working in the battery regeneration sector for 3 years. Its […]
29 March 2016
Forbes Batterie Plus

Batterie Plus technology winning by Forbes Middle East!

La technologie Batterie Plus primée par FORBES Middle East !   Le centre de régénération d’Abu Dhabi exploité par Hexagon Batteries a reçu le prix de l’innovation […]
11 February 2016


EFFICACE, RENTABLE, ECO-ENGAGÉ Régénérez vos batteries Régénérez jusqu’à 4 batteries 12v par jour Pour traiter tous types de batteries monobloc: Démarrage : Bateau, Moto, Voiture, Camion, […]
11 February 2016


N’achetez plus vos batteries, régénérez les… La méthode de traitement Batterie Plus est basée sur un procédé d’impulsions électriques, sans aucun additif chimique. Un fort ampérage, associé […]
28 January 2016

Régénération de batteries : la gamme de régénérateurs Batterie Plus.

La gamme de régénérateur batterie plus : fabrication 100% française !   La gamme de régénérateur fabriquées par batterie plus s’étend du modèle BRT10 en monophasé 220volt au […]
12 January 2016

Un nouvel atelier de régénération de batteries à Abidjan

Batterie Plus est déjà riche d’une expérience de plus de 15 ans dans la fabrication et la distribution de régénérateurs de batteries. La société en pleine […]
12 January 2016

Un régénérateur de Batterie Plus, le BRT10 fait des miracles au Pakistan.

Un régénérateur BRT10 de Batterie plus fait des miracles au Pakistan.   Un régénérateur de batterie BRT10 est en place à Islamabad au Pakistan depuis plusieurs […]
15 September 2015

Burkina Faso wake the dead battery…

15 September 2015

Battery Plus in Mayotte, it’s start!

BPOI continues to expand. Already a strong fleet of five regenerators, Battery Plus Indian Ocean has entrusted the development of battery regeneration activity in the territory […]
15 September 2015

Battery and oil regeneration at Conakri…

Since July the Conakry regeneration workshop in Guinea is operational. Located in the heart of the city, it benefits the most reliable power supply of a […]
30 July 2015

Aprolis régénère en volume

Excellent bilan de régénération chez CAT. Voilà deux années que le centre de montage national CAT et Crown régénère tous les jours des batteries avec 2 […]
22 June 2015

Abou Dhabi (U.A.E)

Battery regeneration on Abou Dhabi  ( U.A.E) , air conditioning obliged! The battery regeneration   workhop of  Abou Dhabi has been operational since May 2015. It includes […]
20 June 2015

A new distributor in Guyana.

A new distributor in Guyana. Our another distributor of Battery Plus and Oil Plus is now in place in Cayenne, the capital of Guyana, covering Suriname […]
15 June 2015
battery regenerator régénérateurs de batteries Batterie Plus Produits

Battery boost in Montpellier.

A new regeneration center is in place in Montpellier. Battery Boost make trust Battery Plus and be equipped with a full regenerate service pack  BRT Maxi […]
30 May 2015

A new battery regeneration center in southern Paris…

A new battery regeneration center in southern Paris.… A new battery regeneration center is open to the gates of Paris. This center is Located between Orly […]
15 May 2015
map 2015 régénérateur batterie battery regenerator batteries plus

Shipping record on may !

n this month of May 2015, Battery Plus recorded their biggest shipments in the last week of the month. Indeed it’s not less than: • 7 […]
30 April 2015

Regeneration of batteries in the shadow of Big Ben…

A new – all types of-  batteries regeneration center is opened in LONDON with two our regenerators BRT Maxi Gold. The market is huge with traction […]
30 April 2015

Battery Plus start a regeneration center in Morocco…

Batteries Plus Morocco (BPM) installed at Rabat in a new industrial area of 400sqm. 
The workshop will host six regenerators – BRT Maxi Gold. 
The workload […]
30 April 2015
battery regenerator régénérateurs de batteries Batterie Plus Produits

BRT10 : Here is the latest addition to the family !

In collaboration with the company BeEnergy the regenerator BRT10 has been developed to meet new market demands. Specially designed for all types of sealed batteries: • […]
30 April 2015

A big forklift’s battery fleet in Morocco.

The success continues for Battery Plus in Morocco! After a year focused on the stationary batteries under market of the Morocco Telecom, the activity diversify and […]
30 March 2015

First generator in Slovakia!

This is the founder of Orange Slovensko himself who has invested in the field of battery regeneration. The park of back up batteries is considerable solution […]
15 February 2015

Helios Towers Africa

Another success for regenerator Battery Plus BRTMaxi Gold. After over a year of testing on the grounds of high capacity batteries in TANZANIA , the american […]
30 January 2015

Manuloc passes to regeneration…

Like all big handling company,  Manuloc starts to regenerate batteries seriously by equipping two centers in the south west. 
Infact, the regional branch of Bordeaux and […]
29 November 2014

Battery Plus Australia on a gold mine!

A new challenge for Battery Plus,  the conquest of Australia on the battery regeneration market. This country -continent has all ingredients to implement the regeneration of […]
29 November 2014

Seconde regenerator in the Baobab’s country…

In this time, it is not in the telecom sector a new regeneration center opened in Dakar, but in the solar systeme sector. I ndeed, after […]
29 September 2014
batterie plus régénération batteries

Battery Plus in Argentina… on the land of Maté!

It is under a searing heat the first Battery Regeneration Center emerged in Argentina. 40°c in the workshop…it was not enough to stop Latinamerica who engages […]
15 August 2014

Battery Plus in Switzerland!

A new Battery Plus distributor is installed in Valais in Switzerland. Located in the Rhone Valley in the industrial fabric, regeneration center site is concentrated , […]
30 April 2014

Big success for Battery Plus at Pollutec exhibition

General leading trade fair for the environment and energy, Pollutec brings together professionals around the world with innovative solutions to reduce the impact of human activities […]
26 February 2014

Hanover Energy Fair

Battery Plus makes a great success at the famous exhibition – Hanover Energy Fair. In the heart of this gigantic Hanover Fair, Battery Plus occupied their […]
29 December 2013

Jungheinrich : Battery regeneration turns to a global concern.

Greece dark side has been the European not to say the world concern recently. However, crisis leads people and companies to look toward the future, and […]
28 December 2013

Saimlease Équipe Son Réseau

Le BRT20-3 chez les ch’timis ! Saim Lease s’équipe De regenerateurs BRT20-3 Batterie Plus pour la régénération des batteries de traction dans son réseau. L’agence Nord […]
28 December 2013

Aéroport Charles De Gaulle

Batterie Plus roule sur les pistes AIR France à l’aéroport Charles De Gaulle! Suite à un essai concluant tant en endurance qu’en performance, un des principaux […]
28 December 2013

Espagne STILL Valladolid

BATTERIE PLUS chez STILL en Espagne: La société HERYCOT à VALLADOLID représente STILL depuis plus de 10ans pour la région de “Castilla e Leon” avec des […]
28 December 2013

South Africa

Batterie plus flag over South Africa. A new comer in the Batterie plus worldwide extending network: South Africa! BPSA is a newly incorporated company set up […]
28 December 2013
batterie plus régénération batteries

Leadership in Korea

Korea gets the leadership in terms of regenerator distributorship: BRMax signed up with BATTERIE plus last year to become distributor and promote the battery regeneration process […]
28 December 2013
batterie plus régénération batteries

Still the art of the battery regeneration

Still is a European leading manufacturer supplying forklifts trucks and tractors to major companies running logistics activities. Still has a strong international network with offices and […]
28 December 2013

The latest BRT20-3 regenerator, 100% made in france

BRT20 is a Batterie Plus registered trademak since 2005. After a few years of outsourcing, Batterie plus decided to fully integrate and manage the BRT R […]
28 December 2013
batterie plus régénération batteries

Mezzes and battery regeneration…

Last summer, Batterie plus company was already expecting some returns from the Lebanese market regarding the industrial battery regeneration, but no one could expect such a […]
29 November 2013

Tanzanie: Mambo Power

Here is the exchanges between young Tanzanians to say that “all is well!” in Swahili.
Battery Plus in Tanzania has opened in July 2013 in Dar Es […]
28 October 2013

Battery Plus in Canada

A battery diagnosis and regeneration centre opened up in Canada, more precisely in Ontario. With two BRT Maxi Gold regenerators and 1 discharger analyzer, the workshop […]
28 February 2013

Mobile World Congress Barcelona

This year again, we have had the opportunity to participate to the Mobile World Congress, that took place in Barcelona from the 25th to the 28th […]
15 October 2012

The Libanese Expertise

Battery The Lebanese expertise on battery regeneration getting renown!   t’s been a year since Anthony and Karima set up the first regeneration center in Libanon. […]
15 July 2012

World Mobile Congress Barcelona

Telecom companies urged on Opex and capex cuts : Batterie plus is pointed out to be the best alternative to maintain and preserve the telecom UPS […]
15 July 2012

Tigo : get regenerated…

TIGO is the trade mark of SENTEL company, second largest telecom operator in Senegal. SENTEL is part of the MILICOM group which represents 31 million subscribers […]
15 July 2012

Jungheinrich Greece

Jungheinrich : Battery regeneration turns to a global concern Greece dark side has been the European not to say the world concern recently. However, crisis leads […]
15 July 2012

RC Energy in full development in the Ain…

This is the story of a professional in handling who worked for 10 years with Jungheinrich. During these 10 years working in shop, GAURE Alexander has […]
15 July 2012
batterie plus régénération batteries

E-Regenerate… regenerates your batteries…

A new center for the regeneration of batteries emerged in La Roche Sur Yon edited by Nicolas SOULARD. A former sales manager from the cleaning industry […]
15 June 2012

Action Battery : A new point service at Le Havre

Batteries Plus is proud to have fitted a new battery regeneration center in the region of Le Havre in northern France. ACTION BATTERY society now offers […]
15 May 2012

Ivory Coast

Since of the May 2012 Batterie Plus Ivory Coast in Abidjan is in operation. Company E-COM undertake the development of this new activity in the country. […]
15 March 2012

Battery Plus make the dead battery in Burkina Faso.

For several months a workshop BRT Maxi Gold is in place in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. The local technical team finally followed his training to start work […]
15 February 2012


BPOI continues to expand. Already a strong fleet of five regenerators, Battery Plus Indian Ocean has entrusted the development of battery regeneration activity in the territory […]
15 February 2012

We regenerate in Cotonou…

At Cotonou in Benin, a new battery regeneration center was established at the initiative of the company GREEN BUSINESS SERVICE. Directed by Pascal ZINSOU, local confirmed […]
15 December 2011

Ratcha Anachak Thai, ราชอาณาจักรไทย, Kingdom of Thailand

First regenerator in the kingdom of Thailand BRT: Being Regenerated in Thailand ! Thai culture is deeply founded on quality and respect. Understanding those values, one […]
15 July 2011

Caribbean sun

After 10 hours flying over the Atlantic ocean, a new BRT 3 landed safely in Fort de France. Ecobatteriedom, the batterie plus distributor in place, is […]
23 May 2011

Bine ai venit batterii plus !

Nous en avions parlé il y a un an ! La régénération de batterie a un bel avenir en Roumanie. Marian, notre interlocuteur en était persuadé, […]
15 November 2010
batterie plus régénération batteries

Manutention Exhibition Paris

Batterie plus is participating to this major exhibition for the sixth year, as this Paris event is a must since our company enter the regeneration business. […]
15 February 2010

Saint Denis de la Réunion

Batterie Plus Indian Ocean(BPIO): Soccer minded ! Fulbert Maillot and his partners have been developping a battery regeneration center in Saint Denis de la réunion  for […]
15 February 2010

Toulon Hyéres Airport

Battery regeneration for immediate boarding at Toulon Hyères Airport. Batterie plus aplied for a public tender concerning the replacement of traction batteries used in the airport […]
15 October 2009


BATTERIE PLUS SOLD BRT TO THE EUROPE LEADING SUPPLIER OF WAREHOUSING TECHNOLOGY: JUNGHEINRICH   During 4 years, the southern France regional Jungheinrich maintenance workshop has been […]
15 September 2009

Ruag Group

BATTERY REGENERATION : INNOVATION TO PRESERVE A SWISS LIFE  STYLE !!!   The RUAG technology group celebrated its 10th anniversary on 3 September 2009. Since 1999 […]
15 July 2009

Taiwan takes over the battery regeneration market

During 6 months Asia e Digicom, batteries plus distributor for Taiwan and China, conducted several demonstration of the BRT capabilities showing to Taiwan industrial market the […]
15 June 2009

Battery Plus Belgium goes high…

Three months ago Battery + settled down in the Brussels suburb. The former Exide manufacture has been refurbished providing facilities for any kind of industries, including : […]
15 April 2009


15 April 2009


27 March 2009

Régénération des batteries du sous-marin de la Comex à Marseille

Ces batteries de 2 fois 80 volt 180 Ah sont extrêmement techniques avec un système d’immersion des éléments ouverts en bain d’huile généralisé. En effet compte […]
15 February 2009

Los Gringos del regeneration…

Batterie Plus  distributor for Mexico and Mercosur is now expanding rapidly. Based in GUADALAJARA , the regeneration center extent s over 600 sq m and 4 […]
17 January 2008

Batterie Plus en démonstration au Portugal

Le 25 novembre, grâce à nos distributeurs de Lisbonne, une journée portes ouvertes. Batterie Plus a été organisée au profit des professionnels de la logistique et […]