Be Energy India: battery regeneration solutions exported to India

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Be Energy India: battery regeneration solutions exported to India

Be Energy India

In Hyderabad, a major centre of industry and technology in India, Be Energy India marks the start of the expansion of the French company Be Energy in India. The programme includes the development of dedicated battery regeneration centres in India. This initiative marks not only a step forward in the international expansion of the French company, but also its determination to promote its skills and solutions in particularly dynamic local markets throughout the world.

The colossal need for battery regeneration solutions in India

Be Energy's decision to base its subsidiary, Be Energy India, in Hyderabad reflects the extent of the market and the batteries used by consumers and businesses. In India, all kinds of batteries are used: starter batteries, traction batteries and stationary batteries. The classic example of the inverter batteries that everyone has at home to ensure the continuity of the electricity network testifies to the enormous potential of the Indian market. Then there are the batteries used by major telecoms, transport and logistics hubs, whose activities are heavily dependent on the supply of electrical energy.

The Be Energy India subsidiary will also enable the French company to set up and develop its lithium battery remanufacturing and reconditioning technology. These batteries, which are perfectly suited to small-scale electric mobility, are widely used in India, where the use of e-rickshaws and other forms of electric transport is expanding rapidly.

The Be Energy India team and role

The Be Energy India team, led by Guillaume Quattropani, will develop a network of battery regeneration centres in the form of joint ventures, licensed centres or franchises. The application process, orchestrated by Be Energy, involves a rigorous selection of candidates. The first facilities are expected to open by the end of 2023.

Members of the Be Energy India network will benefit from:
French technology assembled in India, under the supervision of specialised Be Energy India technicians
• The development of new jobs focused on decarbonising transport (initially batteries, then oils at a later stage)
• The opportunity to take advantage of local subsidies linked to India's environmental concerns
Local support including :
. 3 weeks on-site technical training plus access to the Regen Academy training platform
. 3 weeks of commercial training adapted to the local culture and the new businesses

Technical solutions to meet the expectations of the Indian market

To give Be Energy India the resources it needs to develop in India, the French company is deploying the latest generation of machines, in particular the BRT Master Pro Duo range, by far the most powerful on the market. The connected machines are equipped with on-board intelligence that provides diagnostic assistance and ensures maximum quality of battery regeneration service. There is no doubt that these machines will give each member of the Be Energy India network several steps ahead of their competitors.

The very high processing capacity of the BTR Master Pro enables a high level of production:
• Up to 72 starter batteries per day
• 16 traction batteries per month
• Nearly 500 2V stationary battery cells, or 1,000 amp hours per month

These machines are also equipped with a system capable of managing power cuts, which are common in India. They incorporate a secure restart system to maintain production and resume normal activity once the electrical system has been restored.

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