AGMC launches regeneration of batteries on medical equipment

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18 November 2019
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28 January 2020

AGMC launches regeneration of batteries on medical equipment


AGMC launches regeneration of batteries on medical equipment

The company Antilles Guyana Medical-Surgical (AGMC), in place since 1979 in the Caribbean, specializes in the supply and maintenance of medical equipment, is embarking on the regeneration of batteries in Martinique and Guadeloupe.
Lead batteries are very present in medical equipment.
Whether for motorized wheelchairs, OR operating tables, lift patients ... AGMC handles and maintains hundreds of batteries every year.
These batteries, often frost, are sometimes heavily solicited and represent a technical and economic challenge for users (medical personnel, sick or disabled) but also for agents responsible for the maintenance of these devices.

A disabled person, equipped with a motorized wheelchair, see his life changed by the possibilities offered by the new electric wheelchairs.
These people are the first to depend on the capacity of their batteries!
Often subjected to irregular cycles or even excessive, these batteries suffer and quickly lose their capacities of origins to the detriment of the comfort of life of the handicapped user!
The curative and preventive regeneration will maintain the maximum capacity of the batteries and this over a period 2 to 3 times longer than usual!

AGMC opted for the acquisition of 2 BRT10 regenerators with "Battery Plus" technology, with 2 banks of discharge to irrefutably qualify the capacity of the batteries after treatment.
These regenerators are perfectly adapted to this type of batteries.

Regeneration offers an economic alternative to replacement nine, which should not displease the social security involved in the acquisition or replacement of batteries! It is also an ecological alternative:
• to say no to planned obsolescence,
• in favor of recycling before recycling, which is very heavy in terms of carbon footprint (especially in island environments)
• in favor of a circular economy
• and supports local employment for these new battery maintenance services.

We wish success to AGMC for this great initiative.