SOS Battery Guadeloupe wins the ECO INNOVATIVE 2019 trophy!

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SOS Battery Guadeloupe wins the ECO INNOVATIVE 2019 trophy!


The Guadeloupe company SOS Batterie, represented for 10 years by its founder, Mr. Géraud BONHEUR, has just been awarded with the ECO INNOVATIVE 2019 trophy presented by the CCI Guadeloupe in Pointe à Pitre.
The regeneration of the batteries with the BRT Maxi Gold regenerator is finally paying off to become an economical alternative for end-users.
Specialized in stationary solar batteries, SOS Battery offers regenerated starter batteries at very advantageous prices.
It also offers curative or preventive regeneration services on the traction battery parks fitted on forklifts or other industrial carts or scrubbers.

The battery regeneration solution, and in particular in an island context, represents:
• an economical alternative for the user
but also :
• the reduction of industrial waste represented by batteries (lead and sulfuric acid)
• the creation of new, non-relocatable jobs
• in a drive towards a circular economy
• the massive reduction of the carbon footprint (regeneration is 1000 times less carbon-intensive than renewal with nine completed by recycling - not to mention very heavy transport in this island context)
• the fight against programmed obsolescence of objects because the best waste is the one that is not produced!
• promote reuse before recycling, without going through the "stage" waste!

Once again, this award, after 10 years of service, reinforces Battery Plus in the future opportunities of battery regeneration.

Congratulations Mr. Géraud BONHEUR! and good wind!