Regeneration of a NiMH battery for Toyota Avignon

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28 May 2021
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15 September 2021

Regeneration of a NiMH battery for Toyota Avignon

Batteries regeneration NiMH

Thanks to Toyota Avignon and its team for the trust and this first joint operation.

After 12 years on the road and more than 250,000km driven, their customer's Prius needed a battery replacement.
A tired battery on this type of vehicle leads to excessive fuel consumption.
Changing a NiMH battery like this one is very expensive and not environmentally friendly at all.

In order to foresee future problems like this one, our company BeEnergy researches and innovates for more and more solutions.
As a specialist in NiMH batteries, it was important for us to create a partnership with the local Toyota dealer.
After several exchanges and meetings, we concluded our first partnership.

Here is a picture of the partnership..