UBC (Univers Business CHAD) leader in battery regeneration in Chad

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5 March 2021
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8 July 2021

UBC (Univers Business CHAD) leader in battery regeneration in Chad

Battery regeneration UBC Tchad

Installed for more than 2 years in Ndjamena, the UBC-BATTERIE PLUS battery regeneration center is very successful in the world of stationary batteries.

In fact, the battery park is considerable for two reasons:
• Backup needs for manufacturers, institutions and administrations in the event of grid failure or shut down
• Off-grid solar installations which are multiplying given the country's considerable solar potential
The UBC-Battery Plus regeneration center in Ndjamena is equipped with 3 BRT Maxi Gold battery regenerators as well as 2 standardized discharge benches.

This equipment makes it possible to treat all types of batteries regardless of their capacities.
The telecom battery market currently accounts for a large share of turnover.
Two large operators already trust UBC-Batterie Plus: these are AIRTEL Tchad and SOTEL Tchad.
The batteries in place are essentially 2v GEL batteries type OPZV600 at 900Ah The workshop processes 300 to 450 batteries per month.
This represents a processing capacity of 20 sites per month!

With the programs underway in solar installations nationwide, the battery regeneration market has a bright future ahead.
Battery regeneration is above all:
• An economical alternative for the end user who pays 50 to 60% less than new
• Unparalleled responsiveness since the service is immediate without waiting for any delivery
• The fight against planned obsolescence
• The massive reduction of hazardous and polluting industrial waste
• The creation of new jobs as part of a virtuous circular economy
• Reducing the carbon footprint 50 times less carbon-intensive than recycling and new replacement
• The increase in the territorial resilience of the country….

Congratulations to UBC Chad for joining the group of the most dynamic regeneration centers of the Battery Plus network in Africa.