On-site intervention service with a swap battery

3rd Battery Plus regeneration corner for SAIMLEASE!
15 February 2021
Battery regeneration UBC Tchad
UBC (Univers Business CHAD) leader in battery regeneration in Chad
28 May 2021

On-site intervention service with a swap battery

Prestations de service régénération batteries

In any business, every day counts and every day time is ticked.

You have the energy to hold on all day, so your equipment must do the same!
And this is the key point where your batteries must make the difference, finally the batteries of your forklift, for the motivation of your operators, we trust you!
Our customers have understood it well: the advantages of battery regeneration are in tune with the times.

Reduction of OPEX, reduction of hazardous waste, fight against planned obsolescence, massive reduction of the carbon footprint, circular economy, territorial resilience ... in short, all the lights are green for battery regeneration.
In the field, this approach is accompanied by practical and pragmatic measures to maintain the production capacity of users.

A Battery Keeper technician is dedicated to your business, he will know you and your needs and constraints;
A dynamic team in the field with all the equipment necessary for battery maintenance on site;
Experienced support with battery experts in the business for over 15 years;

Our interventions are standardized with a well-established method.
When recovering your batteries for regeneration we set up a loan battery! The swap is very fast.
Your battery is in good hands and your forklift remains operational.

Regeneration of your battery requires about a week including transport, discharge checks and re-installation in your machine by us.