Be Energy inaugurates its first subsidiary in Western Switzerland

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18 July 2023
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Be Energy inaugurates its first subsidiary in Western Switzerland

In the first quarter of 2023, Be Energy reached a new milestone with the inauguration of its subsidiary in Switzerland, located in the FLASA ecopole. This decision is part of the Six family's plan to revitalise the Jura-based company, a historic and emblematic business based in Alle.

Be Energy Switzerland moves to the FLASA ecopole in Alle

Be Energy has chosen to establish its subsidiary at the Filature de Laine Peignée d'Ajoie SA, FLASA. Founded in 1934, FLASA has exported its unique expertise around the world, supplying industries such as luxury goods and transport. Today, it is evolving by integrating the energy sector into its heritage, a step towards an innovative vision.

A facility dedicated entirely to regenerating lead batteries in Switzerland

Be Energy's subsidiary in Alle covers an area of 200 m², equipped with seven machines dedicated to the regeneration of various types of lead batteries. These machines are complemented by discharge and test equipment to meet the needs of their customers.
Companies in Switzerland can now count on Be Energy for more ecological and economical battery solutions. The watchmaking, agri-food, transport and logistics industries now have access to proven technology that saves carbon and reduces the need to buy new batteries.

Be Energy Switzerland is a pioneer in offering solutions for the decarbonisation of batteries and oils.