Be Energy Senegal celebrates its first anniversary: a promising year

Be Energy inaugurates its first subsidiary in Western Switzerland
13 September 2023

Be Energy Senegal celebrates its first anniversary: a promising year

Battery Regeneration Senegal

DAKAR, Senegal - Be Energy Senegal celebrated its first anniversary without candles or cake, but with the joy of seeing its team and customers fully satisfied. Since its inauguration in July 2022, the subsidiary of the French group Be Energy has firmly established itself on the Senegalese landscape, in Diamaguene.

Growing success for Be Energy Senegal

In just twelve months, the Be Energy Senegal centre has installed six machines dedicated to regenerating various types of battery. The figures speak for themselves: in one year, more than 200 batteries have been regenerated, providing an answer to giants such as Bolloré Transports & Logistics, Patisen, Nestlé and many others.
Be Energy Senegal's facility in Diamaguene not only meets local needs. It also supports a wide range of sectors, from starting up lorries and buses to powering logistics and telecommunications equipment and photovoltaic installations.

A rewarding partnership with France

The synergy between Be Energy Senegal and its French parent company is also worth highlighting. Be Energy France has played, and continues to play, a key role in the training of Senegalese technicians, giving them in-depth knowledge of battery regeneration techniques.

Be Energy Senegal: A pillar for the environment and development

Under the leadership of Mr Henri Sow, Be Energy's Senegalese subsidiary has rapidly earned its spurs. Not only does it promote regeneration, a booming sector, but it is also a fervent defender of the environment. The solutions offered by Be Energy Senegal are now being embraced by both the public and private sectors, in Dakar and far beyond.
With an increased focus on ecology and the circular economy, Be Energy Senegal is ideally positioned to meet the needs of a country with a wealth of mining activity, but still in search of a structured regeneration sector. The future looks bright, and Be Energy Senegal's potential is only growing.

About Be Energy Senegal

Founded in 2022, Be Energy Senegal is a subsidiary of the Be Energy group specialising in battery regeneration. It is committed to providing ecological and sustainable solutions to meet the growing needs of the Senegalese market.

Capacity test on a 125v 200Ah NiCad pack for ELECNOR Senegal in Dakar