The BRT10 battery regenerator the right tool for automotive garages

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5 May 2017
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18 May 2017

The BRT10 battery regenerator the right tool for automotive garages


The car garage RST Performance in the Var department (South of France) has just equipped itself with a regenerator of battery BRT10 to offer an economic and ecological solution to its customers.
Particularly suited for monobloc batteries, the BRT10 is an ideal tool to offer new services to a clientele that is both eager to save money while respecting the environment.
Indeed, the regenerator BRT10 can regenerate between 4 and 16 batteries of 12 volts per day according to if one treats the batteries of truck or motorcycles.
The service can be declined according to several offers:
Preventive regeneration during periodic visits. To do this boost programs are planned to be applied on a few hours only! They allow a small but recurring billing.
• 24-hour curative regeneration of a customer’s battery that shows signs of weakness instead of offering replacement with a new battery. In this case the customer makes 50% savings and the service provider only sells one service without any disbursements and 100% insured by the machine that works alone in automatic program!
Sale of regenerated batteries as part of its classic replacement of batteries by new, the garage keeps a stock of batteries regenerated in advance that it can propose to the following customers. A special discount is given when the old battery is taken over if it is itself regenerable! This organization makes it possible to respond immediately to the needs of the customer.

A step towards a service point ECO Regeneration.
In addition to the regeneration of the batteries, the RST Performance garage has also chosen to launch itself in the regeneration of oil discharges.
To achieve this, he invested in the OILPLUS technology developed by Be Energy by acquiring an OR2 Duo oil regenerator.
This oil regenerator makes it possible to treat diesel engine oils and petrol engine oils on 2 lines mounted in parallel, each providing a treatment of 4 liters per minute.
It can also be adapted to motor oils and hydraulic oils by simply changing regeneration cartridges.

Be Energy wishes a great success to this ecological initiative which offers in addition an economic alternative to the final customers.