Lekimbatt: “Regeneration 2.0” program starts in Spain!

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29 March 2016
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13 May 2016

Lekimbatt: “Regeneration 2.0” program starts in Spain!

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Lekimbatt: “Regeneration 2.0” program starts in Spain!

The LEKIMBATT company located in the Basque country is working in the battery regeneration sector for 3 years.
Its main clients are logistics companies with large fleets of forklifts.
Stationary batteries are also a high potential market.
In the past Spain was invested very quickly by many providers, organized in several franchise networks.
The economic crisis has facilitated this type of initiative and all-out development.
However, these networks are in trouble or have disappeared completely or partially for lack of results and seriousness.
Indeed applied technologies have proven inadequate and / or defective because based on low power as PRIME, Maroo or Bat Recond.

The result is that now the market has been heavily polluted and largely discredited by the poor performance of the past.
LEKIMBATT the challenge of launching the “regeneration 2.0” by becoming the official distributor of Batterie Plus in Spain.
Finally the technology developed for over 12 years will allow the sale of guarantees regeneration benefits and meet customer requirements.

“Regeneration 2.0” program is going towards success.