A BRT10 regenerator in the heart of Saint Emilion vineyards.

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22 November 2017
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28 February 2018

A BRT10 regenerator in the heart of Saint Emilion vineyards.

Established since 2016 in Saint Emilion as well as in Bordeaux, the Tuk-Tour Events agency offers an atypical discovery of the region, thanks to electric tricycles, coming from Thailand.

Fast your seat belt and let’s discover. It's a bit like the credo of Tuk-Tour Events, a company based in Saint-Émilion since the summer of 2016. Jeff, the coordinator of the team of eight employees , does not hide elsewhere not the pretty dazzling success of this activity. "We started by implanting ourselves here. And it turned out to be a very good first try. We are even present in Bordeaux now. "
But what is a tuk-tuk? Jean-Marc and Joëlle, on holiday in the region, admit that they did not know this motorized tricycle came from Thailand and 100% electric. "It's the first time we've seen it, but we thought it might be nice to try. Especially since it allows to approach the vineyards as close as possible, while traveling a great distance, "says the couple from Mayenne.
A rather practical way to discover the vineyards, but especially atypical. "We have, of course, many tourists who come to visit. But it also happens regularly that one is solicited by local, and there, it is especially for the joke and the unusual side. "

It is a fleet of more than 15 electric vehicles that are put to severe test given the uneven course in the vineyards of Saint Emilion. It is to say if the performances of the batteries are at the heart of the concerns of the operators! Indeed each vehicle is equipped with 12 batteries of 6v to total packs of 72V in 180AH in C5. The batteries alone represent a capital of 50 000 €! It is therefore natural that Tuk Tour Events contacted Battery Plus and invested in a BRT10 regenerator.

Curative regeneration programs followed by preventive regeneration programs will make it possible to perpetuate the "battery capital" while benefiting from their maximum performance.