Two BRT Maxi Gold battery regenerators in Istanbul

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21 December 2018
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20 May 2019

Two BRT Maxi Gold battery regenerators in Istanbul

This time it is a large WEEE recycling company in Turkey, AKADEMI CEVRE, leader in its market that has invested in two BRT Maxi gold battery regenerators.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE, D3E or PEEFV - Waste Electrical and Electrical Equipment WEEE) is a category of waste consisting of end-of-life equipment that operates at the end of its life. electricity or via electromagnetic fields, as well as equipment for the production, transfer and measurement of these currents and fields (mainly computers, printers, mobile phones, digital cameras, refrigerators, electronic games, televisions, etc.). ).

AKADEMI CEVRE is therefore specialized in this sector of activity with a core business in the recycling of metals and rare earth present in these WEEE.

Very quickly a reconditioning and the resale of telecom equipment was formed in a spirit of reducing OPEX among telecom operators. In this context AKADEMI CEVRE came into contact with a very important field of telecom batteries.

And so naturally AKADEMI CEVRE has invested in a BRT Maxi Gold battery regenerator to regenerate the thousands of batteries it can collect.

The first customer is the national operator Türk Telekom, which is ready to buy regenerated and guaranteed batteries to reduce its OPEX.

After a few weeks of operation a second BRT Maxi Gold regenerator was ordered to reinforce the production volumes of the workshop.

AKADEMI CEVRE can become a national leader in battery regeneration. This is just the beginning of the story and the beginning of a long success.