Batteries Regeneration in French Guyana is developing

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Batteries Regeneration in French Guyana is developing

Régénération Batteries Guyane

Despite the health crisis, French Guyana is a relatively unspoiled territory.

The economy has picked up and demands are growing steadily.
SOLUTIS CENTER, the official partner of BE ENERGY in French Guyana, has been in place for 4 years and the machines are running smoothly despite extreme weather and corrosion conditions!
The demands of local players such as EDF (French Electricity Provider) are reinforced by stationary applications in the field of isolated sites (off grid).

But a new brand of automotive batteries was born: BATKING.
These are regenerated batteries put back on the shelves and sold by professionals, such as MATFAC, which are in constant demand "we don't keep them on the shelf!" as Christian AIMABLE, commercial director of MATFAC, says.
The needs are enormous and to keep up with the rise in power BE ENERGY has placed a special testing terminal (QUICK TESTER KIOSK - QTK) capable of testing the batteries, which may or may not be regenerable in just 6 seconds.
After the test 96% of the batteries give regeneration successfully.

At the same time, SOLUTIS regenerates oils with a new BE Energy OILPLUS workshop.
The prospects are enormous with the treatment of engine oils in hydraulic application for miners in the forest. The volumes are considerable.
Other applications such as the treatment of frying oils for cutting diesel fuel are in the validation phase.
We wish SOLUTIS the best of success for this new start!

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