France Relance: Be Energy, a company committed to ecological transition, winner of the EETE project call (ADEME)

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Launch of the FASEP project – Beginning of a battery and oil regeneration industry in Senegal
20 October 2021

France Relance: Be Energy, a company committed to ecological transition, winner of the EETE project call (ADEME)

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In the framework of the France Relance plan, the French Ministry of Environment and the ADEME launched a new call for project proposal, aiming to help small and medium-sized companies industrialize and commercialize innovative products with positive environmental externalities, on the basis of achieved R&D.

The call for projects “Company committed to ecological transition” has been launched by the French government and the ADEME on the 10th of December 2020. This plan offers subsidies of 100 000 € per company. It aims to speed-up the introduction on the market of new products or solutions contributing to ecological and energetical transition. It helps to cover the needed costs of industrialization: design and set-up of the manufacturing process, industrial investments, marketing, etc.

Be Energy belongs to the 96 companies chosen to sell their solution for the environment

After the success of a first project call, Barbara Pompili (French Minister of Environment) had announced in May an additional 8 million euros dedicated to a second project call. In total, 96 companies have been selected and will receive 100 000 euros each, for a total budget of 9.6 million euros.

The winning companies are located all around France, mainly in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Île-de-France., but also overseas (French Guiana, Mayotte). They belong mainly to the Building, Transport and Mobility fields, but also to the Circular Economy, Renewables Energies and Agricultural fields.

This second project call is again a real success, similarly to the first one in May. In total, almost 700 submissions have been received between January and April 2021 and 230 companies have been funded, for a total of 23 million euros (15 million initially + 8 additional million).

RECOND-HYBRID project: NiMH batteries regeneration and reconditioning First of all, it will be necessary to perform a detailed market research on the car maintenance industry and a benchmark of the key players in the South of France, mainly the ones close to the factory (we would like to work in partnership with local players to reduce the ecological and economic cost of the transport).

Based on the first set of data gathered, we will work on a full business model and start to contact the major local players of car maintenance. It will also be crucial to structure a first supply network for used NiMH batteries, but also a distribution network for the reconditioned batteries. This task is probably the main task of this project and will require a frequent phoning and mailing from a Be Energy sales representative, in order to set-up presentation (business model and factory) meetings.

France Relance AFEME EETE
France Relance AFEME EETE