A new battery regeneration center in Saudi Arabia

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22 August 2017
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21 November 2017

A new battery regeneration center in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, was the site for Battery Plus technology this month.
A new distributor moves under the control of Hexagon Battery Regeneration in Abu Dhabi.
The workshop is located in a historic industrial zone of Riyadh, this city in full change.
The needs are considerable as the forklift fleet is important.
The telecom network also represents a very important market in the activity targeted by this new site.
The price level of batteries is very high considering the transport costs but also the country's import tax.
Maintenance is booming given the reduction in investment that the country has experienced in recent years.
This is why many small businesses for recharging and electrolytic re-titration of batteries have emerged.
But the level of quality and performance of these stakeholders is far from the standards that now offers this new regeneration center.
Indeed not only the equipment used are very low power but their work is often content to make a slow charge and add acid ....
Easy in this country where acid is cheaper than water!

Users and professional handling customers are therefore very happy with the start of the heavy and professional regeneration that Battery Plus technology allows.
This solution will bring them a source of very substantial savings in the reduction of their OPEX.

The workshop is equipped with:
• 2 BRT Maxi Gold 120v / 400A regenerators to treat all batteries up to 3500Ah
• 1 BRT10 48v / 150A regenerator for sealed batteries up to 300Ah
• 2 automatic discharge benches 96 v - 160A
• 1 universal charger 96 v - 80A
• 1 set of tools complete with accessories and measuring devices
• 1 personal protection kit

We wish long life to this new adventure!

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