HEXAGON BATTERY REGENERATION and Batterie Plus prove themselves at MASDAR City

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17 July 2017
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HEXAGON BATTERY REGENERATION and Batterie Plus prove themselves at MASDAR City

Masdar City (in Arabic: مصدر, meaning the source) is a new city and green city of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, under construction since February 2008. Masdar project, a subdivision of Mubadala Development Company, which wants to advance the development, commercialization and deployment of renewable energy and clean technologies, is expected to accommodate up to 50,000 residents and 1,500 companies once it is completed.

Low-carbon transport network, renewable energy, zero-waste strategy, the construction project of this city is very ambitious. A part is already operational and, eventually, the city should welcome 52,000 residents and offer 40,000 jobs to non-residents.

The future city, whose fundamental objective is high energy efficiency and free of greenhouse gas emissions, would be the seat of a university specializing in renewable energies. Masdar City wants to gather space for research, testing and experimentation of the technologies and energy systems of the future, to some extent become the Silicon Valley of the United Arab Emirates.

It is in this context of ultimate environmental requirement that HEXAGON Battery regeneration has intervened to regenerate the battery pack of the MASDAR City pumping and water desalination station.
With a capacity of desalination by reverse osmosis of 11 000 liters per days this station is a strategic element of the city.
Located on an island off MASDAR the pumping station is totally autonomous in energy with 672 high-performance photovoltaic panels that can deliver more than 200kW peak.
A pack of 1800kWh of batteries completes the device and allows to store more than 5 days of electric autonomy.
These batteries represent a total of 70 tons of OPZS 3200Ah elements in C10 organized in 3 lines of 96 volts.

Considering the difficulties of exceptional access, the regeneration took place on site with the regenerator BRT Maxi Gold of Batterie Plus.
The Machine weighing more than 350 kg were transported by boat and then craned on site to deliver a cure for 1 week.

The results were successful because the test on the discharge bench made it possible to obtain more than 15h to 80% of the C10 or more than 250A pumped by 2 banks of discharge connected in parallel!
Congratulations to the team of HEXAGON Battery Regeneration who did a remarkable job and helped further reduce the carbon footprint of MASDAR CITY!