A regenerator BRT 10 of Battery Plus makes miracles in Pakistan.

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15 September 2015
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A regenerator BRT 10 of Battery Plus makes miracles in Pakistan.

A regenerator of battery BRT 10 is in place in Islamabad Pakistan for several months.

It deals with monoblock stationary batteries in telecommunication.

The target is clearly to suggest a battery maintenance service to the major incumbents in the country in order to reduce their OPEX, significantly.

The local provider is a professional in the telecom maintenance and this organization is immediately attracted the large accounts by the immediate financial interest in terms of savings, but also by the environmental side of the operation such as the reduction of gas emissions with greenhouse effect.

All technical barriers are now fallen by passing successfully many complicated tests with operators.

They were all very picky because they tested many regeneration machines without satisfaction from Japanese suppliers, Belgians and Koreans.
The regenerator BRT10 of Battery Plus proved once again much higher in terms of their results to the other machines on the market.

And even though, it is the smallest and the least powerful of the range offered by Be Energy / Battery Plus.
With success of these complete workshops of battery regeneration, with more powerful models like BRT Maxi Gold, it will be deployed in the country to generalize the service throughout the territory.

Exclusive dealer in Pakistan: NANX Engineering Pvt Limited