Preventive battery regeneration… Prevention is better than cure!

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26 April 2022
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13 December 2022

Preventive battery regeneration… Prevention is better than cure!

Régénération batteries préventive

This is the reflection that is being put in place within the SAMSE group.

This historical customer that we have been accompanying for more than 10 years and for whom we intervene regularly on many sites of the ¼ South East, is moving towards prevention rather than calling us to manage emergencies, in curative.

The quality of our service and our know-how is no longer an issue for this customer, so after a few exchanges we left for a week of commando operation on the main logistics site of the group.

Our mission? To treat about fifty batteries following our complete process:

• Spraying acid neutralizing spray (localization by colored reagent of capillary rise, cracks, acid leaks...).
• Complete cleaning of the battery with steam (lips of boxes, bridges, cables, plugs...) brushing, degreasing, ragging.
• General drying with compressed air and emptying of trunk by vacuum pump.
• General inspection of terminals, cables, boxes, cells, plugs, cords, bolts... Replacement if faulty or broken.
• Dismantling of positive and negative terminals, blank brushing and reassembly.
• Control of connectors tightening by torque wrench according to standards.
• Checks and readings of the unit voltages of the cells or blocks of cells, measurements of the general voltages and leakage voltages with the box and the machine frame.
• Control of connections and chargers. Floating voltages + starting current.
• Measurements and readings of electrolytic densities of open cells.
• Control of water or acid levels and replenishment.
• Control of the conductimetry of the demineralized water if produced on site.
• Checking of chargers (general aspect, cord, battery plug, power supply plug).
• Follow-up labelling and bar code referencing of the battery.
• Battery photo BEFORE - AFTER

Result, thanks to the work of two of our technicians, 67 batteries have been fully treated.

• 14 batteries 24V 500AH : Fenwick pallet truck type N20.
• 15 batteries 48V 840AH : Fenwick retractable mast truck type R20.
• 15 batteries 48V 750AH : Fenwick front end truck type E20/E25.
• 8 batteries 24V 270AH : Fenwick order picker type L16.
• 8 batteries 80V 625AH : Fenwick order picker type E35.
• 4 batteries 80V 775AH : Fenwick tri-directional truck.
• 3 batteries 24V 375AH : Fenwick pallet truck type T20.

About fifty cables and a hundred screws were changed, the + and - terminals were systematically changed when there were traces of acid or lead sulfate. The lugs were also ground when necessary.

We rehabilitated demineralized water circuits that were out of order with a change of double coupler.

We also rehabilitated two out of order batteries, one 48V 750AH and one 80V 625AH. We are planning the curative regeneration of 5 batteries 48V 750AH and 2 batteries 80V 625AH.

The complete report is in the hands of the customer!

Curative actions always have a beneficial effect for the wallet but also for the environment!

Régénération batteries préventive
Régénération batteries préventive
Régénération batteries préventive