A new battery regeneration center at HYDERABAD in INDIA.

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19 December 2018
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19 December 2018

A new battery regeneration center at HYDERABAD in INDIA.

For more than a year, a new BATTERY PLUS technology regeneration center has been operating in HYDERABAD, INDIA.

A 750m² building entirely dedicated was built for this new regeneration center.
It is equipped with 4 BRT Maxi Gold regenerators as well as 2 BRT10 regenerators which constitutes the heart of the installation.
Then there are two automatic discharge benches and a multi-voltage charger to unload the regenerators at the end of the process in order to deliver the charged batteries to the final customers.

In the end, more than 10 machines will be in place on this site.
Unloading dock for batteries, washing area, storage area and shipping complete the battery regeneration area.

The market is very important whether in traction batteries (forklift, cart, train, ...) or stationary (inverter batteries, solar, telecom, UPS ...). The center has also launched a youth employment support program in partnership with the TELANGANA Chamber of Commerce.

The regeneration of batteries is a new activity in INDIA where the market is very dynamic and already open to the principle of re-use with a reduction of costs.
This activity also reduces the hazardous industrial waste represented by used batteries, while promoting the employment of young people and a circular economy of proximity.

Several Hindu ceremonies have honored this regeneration center, especially during the last festivities of DUSSARA that celebrate the day when the god RAMA killed the demon king RAVANA, symbolizing the victory of good over evil.

Long live the HYDERABAD battery regeneration center!