Be Energy / Batterie Plus winner of TOTAL REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Prix Initiative Terre de Vaucluse Battery Regeneration
BE ENERGY receives the Audacity Prize awarded by Initiative Terres de Vaucluse.
28 January 2020
La régénération vecteur de résilience
Regeneration, a vector of resilience
18 May 2020

Be Energy / Batterie Plus winner of TOTAL REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Batteries regenerators winner of TOTAL REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT

As part of the gala evening of the 40th anniversary of collaboration between TOTAL REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT and IRCE (Regional Institute of Business Managers) Be Energy was among the winners for its action in the area of ​​energy transition. Battery regeneration is at the heart of Be Energy's activity and an ambitious R&D program was launched in late 2019 to be finalized in 2020. More than € 500k will be invested by BE ENERGY for the digital transition of battery regeneration machines, but also in the improvement of treatment programs, the digitization of the process, diagnostic assistance and process monitoring. A large part will also be devoted to the prototyping of a regenerator dedicated to Lithium batteries (in partnership with CEA - LITEN - Grenoble) which will constitute a large part of the batteries of tomorrow.

Total Regional Development celebrates 20 years of partnership with IRCE!
This event brought together nearly 250 business leaders and economic players from the SOUTH Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, an opportunity to celebrate three anniversaries: 40 years of TDR, 30 years of IRCE and 20 years of partnership to support SMEs and start-ups.

TOTAL REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT supports our action with the setting up of a loan of € 35k which will help us to employ several engineers at the start of 2020.

Be Energy / Batterie Plus lauréat de TOTAL DEVELOPPEMENT REGIONAL
Be Energy / Batterie Plus winner of TOTAL REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT