Eco-friendly, efficient and cost-advantage

Do not buy your batteries, just regenerate them…

The Battery Plus’s method is based on an electrical pulse process, with no chemical additives. A high amperage, associated with a specific frequency, releases the active ingredients frozen in crystallized form. The regeneration allows the batteries to regain their original characteristics and increase their lifespan from 100% to 150%.
By adopting a preventive program associated with curative functions, you double the useful life of the batteries, you improve their efficiency, while decreasing your operating costs.
Find the original features of your batteries:
• Improve their performance
• Increase your productivity
• Reduce your power consumption
• Reduce your electromechanical failures

Target Margin


Regenerate up to 4x 12v batteries per day

Technical Information

• Weight 45 kg • Dim • 4 directional castors • Cable 2x35mm² • Connector - cone / nut
• Input: Single phase 230 VAS / 16A 50 or 60Hz
• Out put: Batteries 6-48 volts • Pulsation 0-150A • Capacity 50 - 300Ah