Setting Up Your Regeneration Workshop
Maintenance and batteries regeneration service

Batteries and lifts manufacturers are no longer involved in maintenance and follow up of
batteries to cope with their global sales stratégy to increase turnover in the short run.

The best for them is that the battery get out of order once the garanty runs out!
In order to avoid over consumption and unnecessary battery wastes, you can set up
your own maintenance and regeneration workshop to serve the end users and preserve

Traction batteries are used
in such equipment as:

• Pallet trucks, stackers, IC rucks
• Lift Tables
• Cleaning machines
• Engins de nettoyage auto-portés
• Electrical vehicles
• Golf carts, tractors

Your core market is :

• Lift equipment rental companies
• Transports and logistics companies
• Classic and cold storage warehouses
• Supermarkets
• Industries
• Cleaning companies
• Lift tables renting companies
• Golfs...