New batteries regeneration center in Toronto

Everyone knows that the battery recycling market is huge.
An industry giant in TORONTO (Ontario – Canada) decided to propose to the regeneration of the batteries before proceeding to the final stage of recycling.
It is in a workshop of more than 45 000 sqf with batteries out of sight a regeneration workshop was born with 2 regenerators BRT Maxi Gold.
The machines are working day and night to re-market batteries reclaimed to the satisfaction of customers who see their costs of operation and maintenance decrease sharply.
The machines are exclusively dedicated to the traction batteries as well as stationary high capacity UPS batteries.
As in all major centers of this type yields are around 2 to 3 carriage of batteries per week per machine, which is about 20 units per month regenerated in Toronto. Nearly 190 tons per year!
Reducing waste is huge!
Batterie Plus is proud to participate in this ecological act that greatly reduces the carbon footprint on our planet.