Batteries regenerators: Wholesale market in Tanzania

The batteries regeneration center of Dar Es Salam is equipped with a new BRT Maxi Gold to cope with the volume of batteries to treat.
As part of a maintenance market for stationary batteries from HELIOS TOWER AFRICA are to be treated in large numbers.
Yields are insured by large capacity of BRT Maxi Gold that can handle 120V lines with possibility of up to 6 lines in parallel.
Either a processing capacity of 60 batteries of 12v simultaneously.
For stationary applications such as backup telecom network processing cycles require initial shock and final qualification.
It is therefore recommended to limit the number of batteries treated to the real capacities of dischargers used.
The operator will therefore here two parallel lines of 8 batteries in series (or 16 batteries of 12 volts) to make the corresponding batch processing to 4 packs 48volts simultaneously.
Batterie Plus technology has been proven and tested by HELIOS TOWER AFICA for 2 full years before entrusting the treatment of our market provider of Dar Es Salaam.
We wish him the greatest of success.