Battery regeneration: a complete service

When a user is faced with a battery problem he must find a reliable and fast response to ensure the operational maintenance of his production.
The regeneration of the batteries by BRT Maxi Gold regenerators allows to offer the maximum performance at a price less than 50% of the new.
The follow-up of a mastered process makes it possible to make the complete diagnosis of the batteries and to review all the possible pathologies.
This compete service is then guaranteed 2 years.
Each battery is tested in real situations by systematic passage to the discharge bench.
This standardized test meets international standards and is the only guarantee of good battery capacity!
Battery Plus can also offer on-site support service, when no handling means is in place.
This was the case at the Castelet airport where the batteries were disassembled, element by element, then regenerated and finally reassembled on the machine.