The BRT Maxi Gold battery regenerator confronts snow and ice to reach peaks.

The beginning of the year was marked by two significant and conclusive tests on traction batteries in Slovenia and on stationary batteries with high capacity in Hungary.
The last test was to diagnose and treat an inverter batteries from the T Mobile operator in Budapest.
This inverter comprises 2 sets of 48 volts batteries of 2000Ah GEL type.
The site concerns fixed telephony and therefore internet.
The inverter is therefore in place to provide emergency power to a sensitive site.
The Coslight GMF-2000 Z type batteries are each made up of 24 elements of 2v from 2000Ah to C10.
They are in permanent floating charge since 2005 that is more than 12 years.
The tests were carried out under the supervision of the operator’s technicians and their usual maintenance agents.
A BRT Maxi Gold regenerator and a discharge bench were installed on site directly in the inverter’s load room.
In addition to the usual controls provided by the regenerator, ie the control of voltage, current and temperature, an infrared camera supervision has also been installed.
The first landfill posted 100% of the capacity! Irreproachable health.
The initiated regeneration cycle consisted of several phases of pulsations at 400A as well as equalization loads under 120A.
The second discharge allowed to reach more than 2200A or more than 110% of the initial capacity!
This test allowed the operator to observe both:
• the initial good health of the pack, while the battery supplier recommended replacing the complete game due to age over 12 years;
• to note that the BRT Maxi Gold regenerator allowed to exceed the initial capacity and to reach sums of performance.

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