20 October 2021
regeneration engine oil and batteries Senegal

Launch of the FASEP project – Beginning of a battery and oil regeneration industry in Senegal

The meeting hosted on the 12th of October by the Senegal’s Ministry of Environment marked the official beginning of the FASEP (Fonds d’Etudes et d’Aide au Secteur Privé) project Be Energy – Regen System in Senegal.
29 October 2021
transition écologique

France Relance: Be Energy, a company committed to ecological transition, winner of the EETE project call (ADEME)

In the framework of the France Relance plan, the French Ministry of Environment and the ADEME launched a new call for project proposal, aiming to help small and medium-sized companies…
6 December 2021
New battery regeneration centre on Reunion Island

New battery regeneration centre on Reunion Island

Near Saint-Denis, on Reunion island, a new battery regeneration centre has just been opened. On this island of the Mascareignes archipelago, the dynamic economy offers great opportunities in terms of batteries. A new adventure begins...
13 December 2021
Lauréat Stars et Métiers

‘Be Energy – Winner of the ‘Grand Prix Export Stars & Métiers’ BPMED

Le prix Stars & Métiers 2021 est organisé par les chambres de métiers et de l’artisanat et les Banques Populaires. Il vise à récompenser et promouvoir l’excellence et l’innovation dans l’artisanat. C’est dans la catégorie « Grand Prix Exportateur » que Be Energy s’illustre en 2021. Une catégorie qui récompense la capacité de l’entreprise à se développer à l’international.
2 February 2022
Regensun Tesla

REGENSUN: solar carport on regenerated batteries – autonomous charging 100% off-grid and 100% green

All-electricity is on the march... and on everyone's lips. To meet the market’s requirements, Be Energy is innovating and developing solutions to support new users of electric vehicles. Focus on Regensun, a 100% off-grid autonomous charging system…
9 February 2022
Borne Test Batteries

Quick Tester Kiosk makes it possible to check if a battery is regenerable

Due to their structure, starter batteries are more fragile than stationary or traction batteries. Indeed, only approximately 30-40% of used starter batteries can be regenerated. When it comes to determining which batteries can be regenerated and which…
26 April 2022
Battery Africa

In Africa, a solution for regenerating solar panel batteries

When he completed his professional degree in mechanical and energy engineering at the Lokossa University in Benin in 2012, Habib Lodonou never imagined the extent to which his ideas and courage would grow…
24 May 2022
Régénération batteries préventive

Preventive battery regeneration… Prevention is better than cure!

This is the reflection that is being put in place within the SAMSE group. This historical customer that we have been accompanying for more than 10 years and for whom we intervene regularly on many sites of the ¼ South East…
13 July 2023
Be Energy India

Be Energy India: battery regeneration solutions exported to India

In Hyderabad, a major centre of industry and technology in India, Be Energy India marks the start of the expansion of the French company Be Energy in India. The programme includes the development of dedicated battery regeneration centres in India…
18 July 2023

Be Energy, certified to issue carbon credits on the voluntary market

En décembre 2022, Be Energy a obtenu la certification lui permettant d’émettre des crédits carbone sur le marché volontaire. Une grande fierté pour l’entreprise du sud de la France…
13 September 2023

Be Energy inaugurates its first subsidiary in Western Switzerland

In the first quarter of 2023, Be Energy reached a new milestone with the inauguration of its subsidiary in Switzerland, located in the FLASA ecopole…
13 September 2023
Battery Regeneration Senegal

Be Energy Senegal celebrates its first anniversary: a promising year

The synergy between Be Energy Senegal and its French parent company is also worth highlighting. Be Energy France has played, and continues to play, a key role in the training of Senegalese technicians…