13 December 2021

‘Be Energy – Winner of the ‘Grand Prix Export Stars & Métiers’ BPMED

Le prix Stars & Métiers 2021 est organisé par les chambres de métiers et de l’artisanat et les Banques Populaires. Il vise à récompenser et promouvoir l’excellence et l’innovation dans l’artisanat. C’est dans la catégorie « Grand Prix Exportateur » que Be Energy s’illustre en 2021. Une catégorie qui récompense la capacité de l’entreprise à se développer à l’international.
2 February 2022

REGENSUN: solar carport on regenerated batteries – autonomous charging 100% off-grid and 100% green

All-electricity is on the march... and on everyone's lips. To meet the market’s requirements, Be Energy is innovating and developing solutions to support new users of electric vehicles. Focus on Regensun, a 100% off-grid autonomous charging system…
9 February 2022

Quick Tester Kiosk makes it possible to check if a battery is regenerable

Due to their structure, starter batteries are more fragile than stationary or traction batteries. Indeed, only approximately 30-40% of used starter batteries can be regenerated. When it comes to determining which batteries can be regenerated and which…
12 March 2024

Towards a new ecological era in Senegal with the FASEP initiative

15 February 2024 will go down in Senegal's history as a major turning point in the fight against environmental challenges, thanks to the launch of the FASEP project in Dakar. The initiative, spearheaded by Be Energy, a French company pioneering regeneration technologies, was honoured at a symbolic ceremony…
16 May 2024

Be Energy and OptimisT: a joint initiative for a sustainable and inclusive future

he collaboration between Be Energy and OptimisT marks a significant step forward in the professional sector. It demonstrates an effective synergy between technological progress and social integration. This alliance, which brings together a company specialising in the regeneration of batteries and oils…
17 May 2024

Be Energy inaugurates its new site in Martinique

In January 2024, Be Energy opened the doors to its new centre, Martinique Batteries Services, in the Champigny industrial estate near Ducos in Fort-de-France. This initiative marks a significant step forward in the company's efforts to contribute to decarbonisation in Martinique…